Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy setting storyline set in the World of Ninjas where feudal daimyo, clans and ninja villages all wage war on each other for money, glory or for a common goal.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

BINGO: C Rank The Sunset Gang


Sand Event NPC
Mar 16, 2013
Kill Switch

Name: The Sunset Gang[lb][/lb]
Threat Level: C[lb][/lb]
Members: Murata Nori, Shiotani Yumako, Ogura Yajirobei, Katayanagi Takeru, Terajima Yoshike [lb][/lb]

Located in Soons Haven, this gang is basically the result of a group of street-level thugs with some basic shinobi skills. They spend their days shaking down the smaller merchants on the fringe of Soons Haven, being smart enough as to avoid the Merchant Lords. This has prevented them from suffering the ire of the Merchant Lords but unfortunately they have gone too far. The smaller vendors are refusing to pay the 'protection money' they have been ordered to by the Sunset Gang and this has resulted in retaliation in the form of vandalization and assault of their patrons as well as some of their associates. This money, the money have have NOT given these bandits will be YOURS if you put an end to them.[lb][/lb]

Members: All capable fighters with differing skill-sets. Additional information regarding them can be found below:[lb][/lb]
Murata Nori[lb][/lb]A 22 year old street-smart young man, Nori was orphaned at a young age and has lived on the streets his entire youth. He was taken in at the age of fifteen to an orphanage, too old to be wanted by most he remained there until he was eighteen when he was cast back onto the street. He was never given a formal education so he is illiterate. His brightly colored clothes and his almost neon-orange hair set him apart from the crowd. He likes any form of meat on a stick and usually has a goofy expression on his face, even when he is being threatening. It is believed that he first learned to manipulate chakra on the streets as a child, perhaps in hopes of replicating street performers in exchange for some meager monetary compensation. He has been utterly uneducated in a formal sense but it is assumed that if he we would see a natural talent in him.[lb][/lb]
Stats: Capped Chuunin Class: Evenly distributed custom class with everything in average.[lb][/lb]
Class bonus +1 evasion and +1 accuracy.[lb][/lb]
Techniques: All slashing and piercing jutsus.[lb][/lb]
Bonus: +50% damage to all attacks. 25% chance to deflect all taijutsu attacks back at the user. 25% chance to cleave a second opponent with every attack done.[lb][/lb]
AP: 5[lb2][/lb2]
Shiotani Yumako[lb][/lb]
A 17 year old sullen young man. Some call the assumed Vitamin D deficient youth gothic, but that is really the way he is. He is simply incapable of tanning. He would simply burn, peel and then return to the same grayish white tone he had before. For this reason, he avoids the sun whenever possible often carrying with him a wide umbrella. He does not have much to say, but for those that know him he has a sense of wit about him and rarely says anything unless it is a quip. He has been defined as a sociopath, his lack of empathy for others and his brutal nature belied his seemingly jovial vernacular as he often makes an unrelated joke while he slaughters a man or destroys another's livelihood. He grew up in an orphanage, abandoned as an infant no family wanted him due to his unusual appearance. He has been educated, basically. He can read and write but he was never known to be a "good student." It is believed that he has a natural bloodline limit (perhaps Nara).[lb][/lb]
Stats: Capped Chuunin Class: Evenly distributed custom class with everything in average.[lb][/lb]
Class bonus +1 evasion and +1 accuracy.[lb][/lb]
Techniques: All Water, Fire and Shadow Ninjutsu[lb][/lb]
Bonus: 25% chance to auto-evade attacks; can attack someone who is bound without breaking the bind, others attacking the bound opponent will still break the bind.[lb][/lb]
AP: 5[lb2][/lb2]
Ogura Yajirobei[lb][/lb]
The oldest among them and the leader of this group, he is rarely seen on the front lines. He came from a family of privilege, it is even rumored that he is distantly related to one of the Merchant Lords but it is unknown who. He is well-educated and it is believed that he was formally trained in how to manipulate chakra from a Mercenary, something that his family could afford. He was disowned by his family three years ago, it was said according to the rumors that he tried to kill his parents to expedite his inheritance. The attempt failed, but his mother was left wheelchair-bound. No charges were pressed, perhaps due to familial bonds but he was left penniless and on the streets. Now, 28 years old he runs the Sunset Gang.[lb][/lb]
Stats: Capped Chuunin Class: Evenly distributed custom class with everything in average.[lb][/lb]
Class bonus: +1 Gen difficulty and resistance.[lb][/lb]
Techniques: Genjutsu[lb][/lb]
Bonus: All of Genjutsu Techniques cause illusion damage equal to their CP cost used to cast/maintain the genjutsu.[lb][/lb]
AP: 5[lb2][/lb]
Katayanagi Takeru[lb][/lb]
The largest of the group, 24 year old Katayanagi Takeru. He came from a middle-class family in Sunagakure but was never officially enrolled in the shinobi academy. Leaving Sunagakure at the age of thirteen as a runaway, it is believed that he learned how to manipulate chakra from one of the students at the academy. Little is known about his abilities but he is extremely durable and prefers to fight with his fists. His attacks are considered to be quite devastating, capable of breaking through solid walls with his bare hands, a civilian is not capable of surviving a direct punch from him. He has a weakness for women, a notorious flirt. He also has an unspoken rule it would appear, he will never strike a woman, however that does not prevent him from allowing someone else the chance to do this dirty work.[lb][/lb]
Stats: Capped Chuunin Class: Evenly distributed custom class with everything in average.[lb][/lb]
Class bonus: +1 Gen difficulty and resistance.[lb][/lb]
Techniques: Unarmed and Buffing Taijutsu[lb][/lb]
Bonus: All his unarmed attacks have a 20% chance to stun an opponent for 0.5 AP. His basic attacks with his fists do 500-1000 damage (randomly rolled each attack) and can be done at 0.5 AP with a +2 crit range.[lb][/lb]
AP: 5[lb2][/lb2]
Terajima Yoshike</B><i></i>[lb][/lb]
The least is known about Terajima Yoshike. He is allegedly 20 years old, but his face appears to be significantly older. He is considered to be the most brutal among the members of the gang. He does not like to intimidate, he likes to kill and does so with gusto. He considers his efforts art, explosive art.[lb][/lb]
Stats: Capped Chuunin Class: Evenly distributed custom class with everything in average.[lb][/lb]
Class bonus: +10% fire damage.[lb][/lb]
Techniques: Toujigikou Techniques, Earth Ninjutsu, Fire Ninjutsu[lb][/lb]
Bonus: Double bonus to all Toujigikou passives/activated passives and double damage/effect to all Toujigikou techniques without an increase in costs.[lb2][/lb2]
Last Seen:

Too Numerous to List [lb][/lb]
This is Considered to be a Self-Modded Team Mission

Important: A Team Mission is a mission type done with other players, one of the players will be the group leader and basically manage the setting of the mission. The Mission Leader who manages the setting will be the user who finds the group to partake in this mission. This player does not need to be a village approved Mission Mod to lead this mission but as leader they will get better rewards because of the extra work they had to do manage.[lb2][/lb2]

What Rank of Self-Modded Team Missions can I perform?
  • A user may only perform a mission of their current OOC Rank or lower. This mission is considered to be C Rank, so if you are C Rank or above, you may do this mission.

What are the rewards for Self-Modded Team Missions?
  • This is an C Rank Mission, for completing an C Rank Team Mission you will earn 6,000 Yen. If you were the Mission Leader you will earn 8000 yen.</COLOR>
What is the required word count for this mission?
  • <COLOR color="#000000">This is an C-Rank mission, the word-count requirement is 4,000 Words each (everyone must reach 4,000 words).

Will I die in a Self-Modded Team Mission?
  • No, since these missions are being lead by a non-mission mod the fights are considered to be T-2 (unmoderated) where the successes and failures are determined at the leader's discretion. The mission leader cannot kill your character in this mission but if you do something ridiculous they can have you incapacitated (knocked out, kidnapped, etc) or give you a mission failure if you do something spectacularly bad. So please be logical when you participate in one of these missions. On the same note, a mission leader who is simply being unduly abusive of the participants may be asked to abandon their leadership role and have it taken over by a council person if they start mistreating the players. if it is extreme enough, administrative actions may be warranted. Being the leader of a mission is a place of trust we are placing you in as a peer, please treat it with respect.

Someone else has already caught this BINGO Book entry, what now?
  • This entry is NOT considered to be a repetitive entry, meaning there is only ONE Sunset Gang. Once they are caught or killed, there will not be another chance to catch them unless they are 'let' go. These people are considered to be dangerous, you may use lethal force on them but if you do you must provide proof of their death to be provided mission rewards. If this entry has been killed, captured, or taken already by a team notify a council person so that this entry may be removed and replaced with a new one.

I have completed my mission, what now?
  • Drop you mission off in character (IC) HERE.

I am not from Sunagakure but I am visiting and I would like to perform a solo mission listed, is that OK?
  • YES! While you are always welcome to join our community (and we do encourage it), leaving people out of the fun goes against the out of character spirit of this community. You can serve as a mercenary or a helpful foreigner and complete these missions as well, just keep it in character and drop your mission off at the office as listed above but re-linked <B>HERE. Just be sure that you have gotten permission from your primary community.