Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy setting storyline set in the World of Ninjas where feudal daimyo, clans and ninja villages all wage war on each other for money, glory or for a common goal.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

BINGO: D Rank: Tarou


Sand Event NPC
Mar 16, 2013
Kill Switch

Name: Sasaki Tarou[lb][/lb]
Village Affiliation: Sand/Sound[lb][/lb]
Current Status: Defected to Sound; Armed and Dangerous[lb][/lb]

Threat Level: D[lb][/lb]
Known Aliases: The Specter[lb][/lb]

Pale in complexion due to his early life being spent in the caverns, it was falsely assumed that Tarou had a case of albinism in his youth. With no defining scars or tattoos, his most unusual attribute is the fact that he has none. His hair turned white by the age of fifteen, skipping over a salt and pepper phase. While some might assume a terrible trauma had turned the boy grey, it is unknown. His dark eyes, a contrast to his otherwise porcelain-like appearance, they are often hidden by his medium-length white hair. His attire is really nothing of significance to discuss, cloth garments, usually the rough cheap kind as he is from a middle to lower class family in earthen hues are donned but there is little reason to believe that he will be easy to physically identify. [lb][/lb]

Type of Fighter:
An illusionist primarily, he is sickly physically and was never good with taijutsu and while it can be assumed that he is a proficient ninjutuist his tactics often involve exhausting an enemy before overcoming them. Due to his limited strength, he is not considered a high threat to the community at large and he is not known to be violent either. He is a defensive fighter with 0 known kills to date. He seems to prefer knocking out his opponents, binding them, or simply fleeing from battle whenever possible despite the fact that he could be a terrifying threat if he ever became violent.[lb][/lb]

Last Seen:
A trip to Tea Country 3 months ago.


Description of Charges:
For an unknown reason Tarou never returned home after a trip to Sound. While defection is not known for sure, it is assumed because his teammates returned to the village unharmed. They claimed that Tarou left camp in the middle of the night without a word and never returned. Attempts to find him resulted in failure. At one point they thought they had tracked him down in a small mountain range on the outskirts of Sound but unfortunately they became lost in the mountains and suffered from dehydration and exposure injuries. They believe that Tarou created a labyrinth illusion to turn them around and that he is still alive.
This is Considered to be a Self-Modded Solo Mission

Important: Self-modded missions may be done twice in a week, however the second mission done yields half normal rewards. Players may also perform one mission with 2x the word count in order to gain the rewards of having completed two missions. This still only yields half the rewards for the second mission.[lb2][/lb2]

What Rank of Self-Modded Solo Missions can I perform?
  • A user may only perform a mission of their current OOC Rank or lower. This mission is considered to be D Rank, so if you are D Rank or above, you may do this mission.

What are the rewards for Solo Missions?
  • This is an D Rank Mission, for completing an D Rank Mission you will earn 2,500 Yen.

What is the required word count for this mission?
  • This is an D-Rank mission, the word-count requirement is 600 Words.

Someone else has already caught this BINGO Book entry, what now?
  • This entry is NOT considered to be a repetitive entry, meaning there is only ONE of him to catch. Once he is caught, there will not be another chance to catch him unless he is 'let' go. We do not care if you kill him, he is considered to be a traitor to Sunagakure. If this BINGO Book entry is still up and this character has already been captured or killed, please let someone know so that this entry can be removed and replaced with something else.

I have completed my mission, what now?
  • Drop you mission off in character (IC) HERE.

I am not from Sunagakure but I am visiting and I would like to perform a solo mission listed, is that OK?
  • YES! While you are always welcome to join our community (and we do encourage it), leaving people out of the fun goes against the out of character spirit of this community. You can serve as a mercenary or a helpful foreigner and complete these missions as well, just keep it in character and drop your mission off at the office as listed above but re-linked HERE. Just be sure that you have gotten permission from your primary community.