Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy setting storyline set in the World of Ninjas where feudal daimyo, clans and ninja villages all wage war on each other for money, glory or for a common goal.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

NINPOCHO CHRONICLES v6.4.2 - The Definitely not really late October Patch.


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Feb 21, 2013
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NINPOCHO CHRONICLES v6.4.2 - "The Definitely not really late October Patch."


Hello Ninpocho, apologies for the super lateness of this current patch, hopefully the Kinjutsu filled goodness of it will help with the fact its been a few months since we released something.

  • All Hachimon/Dark Sages/Revenants/Archsages are given a free OCR, or capability of changing anything within their existing character, during this time. This must be started (it doesn't need to be completed) during this one week period, from 18th of October 2020 to the 25th of October 2020.
  • Any WC requirements will be ignored during this downtime; be they abilities, Kinjutsu or BL/CA.
  • Non-Hachimon/Dark Sages/Revenants/Archsages/Chimeiarashi characters may do a free Kinjutsu swap into Hachimon/Dark Sages/Revenants/Archsages/Chimeiarashi with no WC requirement, but cannot change anything else about their build for free, and must already have a Kinjutsu to do so.

  • Chimearashi
    • Entirely brand new Kinjutsu.
  • Revenant
    • Reworked kinjutsu
  • Archsage
    • Minor update, hard lock of the alignment, and some cleaning up.
  • Dark Sage
    • Complete rework, including how they interact with contracts.
  • Hachimon
    • Medium rework, including removing the Unarmed only restrictions.
  • Contract Summoning
    • Reworded all the notes, clarified what is and isn't allowed, and gave the ability to summon more than once a battle, but only for each unique contract.
  • Chidori Control
    • Slight rewording.
  • Tsukumogami
    • Had to update the Sage mode note.
  • Youkai
    • Had to update the Sage mode note.