Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy setting storyline set in the World of Ninjas where feudal daimyo, clans and ninja villages all wage war on each other for money, glory or for a common goal.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

The road to clarity Ends. [Part 4. Jinchuuriki Removal/ Ridoku Sennin aquisition app]

Oct 4, 2015
[Continued from The road to clarity continues. Part 3]
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Arriving at an even more familiar spot than before, Kurokawa now found herself back in her old room. She had left it with only the most basic of her belongings and had found the rest of them turned into a shrine for her. There would also be pictures that she didn't own before but remember being taken, framed and even kept nice and clean from dust and the wear and tear of time.

"Okay... A little bit creepy, but then again what did I expect from a crazy spider person."

"He will come her in an hour at most. We trickered an alarm string when we got here so he knows we are here. There is still a little while before the sun is set."

Tama would inspect the area, and find that though the place was a shrine to her travel companion it wasn't that much of a creepy one. The one making it had forgone the use of clothes from the closet so at least it didn't seem to have any sexual vibes to it. No unnatural attachment to her body, just to her presence.

"Well at least he didn't fold a swan out of your knickers or anything like that"

Kurokawa would find a place to sit and wait. They would be there for about half an hour before Kurokawa sensed someone approaching.

"Be on your guard, but if possible I would like the interaction in here to be as peaceful as possible and move the fighting to the street outside."

"So no head on charge ones we have eyes on the target is what you are saying? Well seeing as how he build this place up I imagine he would want to keep it pristine."

Kurokawa would nod at the remark just as they would hear footsteps towards the door. She would raise her hand to signal to Tama that it was time to stop talking. Whoever was outside stopped directly in front of the door. Tama and Kurokawa would then hear a slow knocking on the door before the door handle was pushed down and the door slowly opened.

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Oct 4, 2015
As the door slid open it would reveal the six armed man with the top two arms crossed in front of his chest and the the other four planted on undrawn weapons. It would sense to want something turned into a shrine to stay intact. He would take a step inside the room.

"Long time no see."

It would be obvious that he would refer to the time before Kurokawa had chosen to travel back to stone. It had been over a year since she was last home and clearly things went to shit while she was away.

"I'm kinda surprised you didn't move to a new place after thing collapsed here."

Kurokawa would hear the faint sound of fists tightening around weapon handles but no sound of the weapons sliding out of their holsters. He wasn't the only one ready to draw weapons at any moment though. Tama also had a hand on her sword and kept a safe distance to have time to draw it before she could be closed in on in the event of a fight breaking out.

"My life was here. This is where my mother died. You want to what? Go to Suna, like you? sure I could go reconnect with the Sunaku family. I am sure they would love to see the half breed son of the one they drove out with their anti clan sentiment. Those bastards don't deserve an honest Stone ninja in their midst. Not me, not you, not anyone."

Kurokawa knew some of the mans past but something new did catch her ear.

"Sorry to hear about your mother. Thought she would move with the others?"

The masked man would swing his top right arm out of the crossed position and let the fist slam into the side of the wall.

"She did! She was ambushed while I was on patrol making sure everyone got out safely! she didn't need a caravan, she was a strong woman. She was stabbed in the back by some lunatic and the higher ups did nothing! Moving the general population was more important than catching who did that to my mother! To hell with them!"

He was getting visibly upset by having to explain this. it seemed to bring up bad memories and why wouldn't it. having to explain meant having to remember it all as if it was happening all over again. The top left hand would go to the mask and the man would remove it, revealing a familiar face. One green eye from the Sunaku in him, although slightly faced for some reason. One blue eye from his mothers side. Seems he had ditched the old headgear at least. having a mask covering his right side under a mask that covered all must have seemed pointless.

"So you stayed and looked for him yourself? Did you ever find him, Shikai?"

Calling out his name made his eyes widen and he would put the mask back on.

"It's been a long time since anyone has called me that. In the ANBU I had a code name as you may remember."

"Sorry. I know that I should know it but all the comes up is, Spider or Web, or String."

Shikai would give a short chuckle.

"Yeah no I don't quite remember either to be honest. The Spider does sound cool though. Well enough reminiscing the past. Shall we take this outside?"

Shikai would take a step back and then do a back flip over the railing into the yard. Kurokawa would walk to the door with Tama close by.

"Please don't think for second that he can be saved. He might remember some parts of his old life but whatever he is now he is out of reach"

Both Tama and Kurokawa would jump onto the railing and look down. He had purposefully given them the high ground knowing that if they used it to attack from the sky they would be immobile and therefor vulnerable. Maybe that is what he wanted. One thing was certain. it would all be over soon.

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Oct 4, 2015
Tama would conjure up some bird of Ink to send after Shikai while Kurokawa would run down along one of the pillars supporting the balcony. This way they would keep a bit of pressure up while not losing in mobility. In response Shikai would send a lightning beast after Kurokawa to slow her down while he sliced through the ink birds. He didn't want to to hit him at the same time and leave him with less chance to respond. As the beast charged Kurokawa she would start bleeding from her skin but just as the blood covered her body it would harden just in time, before she was hit head on by the thundering hound. As it bit into her arm it would explode in a static burst of lightning and light pushing her back and left her on the ground a bit away from the other two.

While the beast hunted Kurokawa, Shikai was free to slice through the birds coming at him from above. By now however there was a murder of crows made of ink heading towards him as Tama had let the first 2 fly slowly at the beginning while adding to the numbers. The flock be sliced through like a turkey on thanksgiving but it would result in a rain of ink cloaking Shikai in black liquid. A Shikai finally got ready to head upwards Tama would form the ink on the ground into a seal that would immediately tricker do to Shikais close proximity. The resulting tidal wave of black fury would slam Shikai into the wall head first. At this point Kurokawa had rejoined the fight and send a flying shark of water straight towards the crashing wave. It would swallow the black ball of person whole and crash downwards letting Shikai feel the ground right after the wall. He would spit out a combination of ink and water.

"Two on one sure is tough."

As he said it he would throw a flash bomb out into the middle of the area temporarily blinding Tama, and afterwards he would shoot strings at Kurokawa while using two free hands to summon a rain of spiders that would mostly attack Tama but also keep Kurokawa busy dodging them instead of the threads. As a result he was able to land strings and sling kick her to send her flying back once more. The Whooshing effect of fling through the air like something shot out of a cannon would remove most of the ink from him. In it would be flakes of white and gold, which was evidence that he had to use more than one defensive measure to reduce the damage of the last combo.

Tama would regain her sight just in time to start slicing spiders and see Kurokawa fly off once more. Shikai was now free to get rid of Tama so that she would not be a troublemaker creating openings. He charged towards her with a Chidori ready in hand while using strings to gain altitude. Tama would be seeing this coming and try to block with her sword but the lightning would pierce through the steal and fly across her chest has she just barely moved away from a fatal blow. Instead of being scewered through the heart she would lose the parts of her clothes covering the upper front part of her torso and she would gain several electric burns as well. The pain was enough to make her pass out.

Shikai would draw a kunai and ready it for some good old stabbing when suddenly he would find a tune passing into one ear and out the other. More hits would come down on him like a ton of bricks as he was bombarded with sound bullets. Kurokawa had started singing her requiem of death lowering Shikais aggressive options and the Nausea from the bullet would also soon set in. Shikai would have to take cover from the assault.

"Why wont you just stay down!"

Kurokawa would make her way to Tama and move her inside of her old house figuring Shikai would not spill her blood down there. Afterwards she would rejoin him outside. The short respite had given them both a chance to recover a little.

"Time to finish this."

While Kurokawa would enter her Furuuken stance while Shikai would add some basic buffing taijutsu.

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Oct 4, 2015
Shikai already knew how Fuuruken stance worked so he knew that dodging would not be an option once he got hit the first time. Focusing more on offence than defence both would land more blows than they would avoid. Kurokawa had the upper hand with her strikes making Shikai easier to hit but Shikai would just use his whole extra pool of resources to make mucus armour to make up for getting hit more. Kurokawa sensing that it would be a stalemate that would end up costing them both their lives, Kurokawa would add in some more tricks from her bloodline limit as well. While Shikai would change between being golden and white and negate most of the damage Kurokawa would turn red and then strike Shikais ears using her sound waves to temporarily deafen him.

Now even worse at dodging Shikai's armour would start to crack under the weight of the attacks and his temporary lack of coordination would also make him land less blows on Kurokawa. Every so often Kurokawa would smash Shikai over his ears to keep his hearing gone. Eventually they would have been fighting for an hour and both be out of juice. Shikai would be bleeding slightly from his ears while Kurokawa would be soaked in blood, i a manner that made it impossible to tell what came from shields and what came from injury.

"Heh. I think I'll get permanent tinnitus if we keep this up"

Shikai would be staggered, panting and gasping while talking.

"That would be a problem. Who would hear my wonderful voice if you are deaf."

The two would walk around in a circle eyeing each other, waiting for a chance to go in again and trying to catch their breath faster than the other. While they would size each other up Tama would start to stir in the apartment. She would wake up and walk towards the door hearing the last clash from the two outside before they stopped attacking each other. Her eyes had turned pitch black and she wasn't really in the driver seat of her own body at the moment. Hontou, guided by Tama's strong sense of justice, ad taken over to further utilize the power of the bond between the two and was now charging up chakra to unleash against Shikai. Kurokawa could feel the sudden rise in chakra density coming from the apartment, due to her abilities as a sensory type ninja, but was still collecting herself from the fight.

"Something is coming from behind. You should take cover"

Kurokawa would try to warn her old friend about the coming attack but Shikai would squint his eyes and turn his head slightly to the side as if to put the good ear forward. The continuous blasts of sound to the ears had left him with poor hearing for the time being so he could not comprehend what she was trying to say in time. Tama would sprout eight black tendrils from her back and with them she would start drawing ink animals enough to swarm an army. A wave of Snakes followed by hundreds of Birds and at least fifty Tigers would storm towards Shikai making the ground tremble. This would make him notice the danger but not before the snakes were close enough to bind him so that he would not escape the onslaught. Shikai would be swallowed in a sea of black claws, beaks and teeth that would eventually sink into him and transform into a wave that would send him high up in the air and then crashing back towards the ground.

Kurokawa would rush in to try and catch him before the impact would shatter his skull into the ground. Cloaked in blood she would enlist the help of Hemorian try and stop what was happening.

"That's enough Hontou. Back to being a passenger with you!"

Tama would fall unconsciously to the ground while Hemorian would lead Kurokawa towards Shikai with a red wave clashing into the black one thundering down towards her. At the two collided Kurokawa would grab onto Shikai and shield him from the blow and the black and red ocean would mellow out and seep away between the buildings, revealing a crying Kurokawa cradling a dead childhood friend, while desperately trying to apply healing jutsu.

Tough as nails this one. Took a lot to bring him down

He is not... I didn't want him to die. I wanted to subdue him and force him to come home with me

We could consume him and store him. Restore the body and give him a proper burial.

With our combined power we should be able to do more

Hemorian would reluctantly suggest an alternative path. One that would not directly save Shikai but at least allow him to walk beside Kurokawa once more.

The is a way to make him walk again. But it will change things.

You can't bring someone back from the dead. No one can.

Kurokawa would clench her fists and stop trying to heal Shikais wounds.

But we could use the energy of our bond to change you. Make you into a different kind of Ninja. One that could walk besides her friends in a manner of speaking. But....

There is a cost right?

Yes, I would need to use up my energy normally used for cloaking you and making you blood jutsu work without handseals. You know... The benefits of our bond on your end. In stead we would be able to have turn into one of those multi bodied people.

Ridoku? What about you?

Oh you are stuck with me don't worry about that. But I would not be able to manifest to help you out any more. It's up to you whether your end of our deal makes you want to power of blood or this other bond.
"Do it."

Kurokawa would say it out loud and an orb of blood would form around her and Shikai. With it she would have her energy infused into him and emerge feel the most strange feeling ever. She would be able to see through someone else's eyes. See herself no less. Right now the ringing from the damaged ears of Shikai would dampen her ability to hear much but in time she would learn to control such interference and this particular one would not be permanent anyway. To better restore her new extra body she would absorb it with her consumption ability. Having the Capacity for another advanced element she would not lose her power over blood although now she could not just simply will it into working.

I think it is better to let him rest. He looks so peaceful, or at least that is how I picture him in my mind. Hard to tell.

Kurokawa would absorb Shikais body to fully restore it and find time to give him a proper burial later.

Afterwards she would go and check up on Tama and make sure she was okay. Once that was confirmed, she would wake her up.

"Wow woah, where am i? Where is he? Is he gone? Did we win? Did he escape again?"

Kurokawa would gently stop her from speaking by putting her index finger over Tama's lips.

"It's over. We won. He won't trouble this place no more."

Kurokawa would walk over to the ANBU mask on the ground and pick it up.

"He is at peace now."

The two would make sure that they could get in touch again when they needed to or just wanted to and Tama would go back to the rest of the residents in stone letting them know that previously dangerous parts of the city were now habitable. Kurokawa would take a good long nights sleep with no visions or nightmares, and finish up what she had to do in stone before making her way home.

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