Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy setting storyline set in the World of Ninjas where feudal daimyo, clans and ninja villages all wage war on each other for money, glory or for a common goal.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

The Void [Private]


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Oct 23, 2012

The day began with thunder, a loud, resonating noise that announced its dominance over the very skies. Not even a ray of sunlight was able to be seen overhead, there was only dark grey clouds which hovered accompanied by the harsh winds that blew like a howling banshee and the harsh pellets of rain that battered against the soil. It had been some time since Kudaranai had seen skies such as this, it made her reminiscent a bit of the place which was once known as a "Tropical Paradise". Yes, the very place where she was raised as a youngster by her Master Kuro, this place was known as Kirigakure. It was a shame but it was almost as if the village had never existed, simply a memory or merely a story from a fairy tale book. But that was fine, Kudaranai didn't necessarily like that village anyway. By no means was it a /paradise/ at least from her own perspective. Tropical. Yes. But what she detested about Kirigakure was how much it hampered her abilities and the knowledge she sought.

The woman's /heart/ then suddenly began to thump. "Oh that's right... how could I have forgotten about you. How much do you malice me..." The heart of a rapist and the soul of a murderer and scientist. It was quite the combination but these were the tools she had in creating this pseudo body of hers. But on this day, where should a scientist roam to learn of Iwagakure's culture? That's when her eyes took note of the large cave entrance which was known as the "Temple of Five" by the people of Iwagakure. It was the place she was told to be the housing of their deities. One would have probably believed that Kudaranai had no interest in religion but that was on the contrary, she had always been eager to learn as to why people had worshipped them. Exploring these questions brought new answers, some that further expanded her thought of thinking and her understanding of their civilization.

Interested, she followed suite and entered within the cave. The noise of the downpour would slowly begin to subside the further she traversed through the tunnel to the point that silence itself became deafening loud. The temple was dimly lit by what would seem to be tavern lights but one would have been able to see that there was something about this place that had some mysticism and wonder. It was unoccupied as far as her eyes could see, so she took her time to be entranced b the level of detail in the various statues adorned within the cave. It was then the woman had suddenly heard the sound of footsteps following from behind her. It was actually pretty sudden as if this mass had suddenly materialized out of nothing.

"...Who are you... interloper... ?" Was the sound of a cold, harsh feminine voice.

".. I guess you realized I wasn't from around here. Was it my lab coat that gave me away?", Kudaranai then turned to greet her sudden acquaintance and was welcomed by crimson hue colored eyes. The scientist was a tad baffled by the person she saw before her, she was not only beautiful, but rarely had she seen such striking physical traits on any one person. Her skin was as white as snow, it was such a pure color without any form of taint or blemishes and her locks were long and jet back. Added with the crimson colored eyes, her beauty rivaled those of even puppets. It was an unreal beauty, a flawless beauty. But there was something hidden amongst all those dark robes she wore, she was sure of it.

"Interlopers have no right to be amongst the place of worship."

Once more the woman's words were drained of any emotion. She cared little of Kudaranai's attempt of playing her part with pseudo human behaviorism.

But that playful, welcoming smile Kudaranai once wore had suddenly drooped to a more lifeless, uncaring glare. One that represented her true expression. The expression of one who lacked human emotions. "And what if I refuse? I have yet to have seen anything that states outsiders are unable to enter within this place."

Her unexpected guest then raised her hand revealing it from beneath her cloak. "Then be sacrificed amongst the Void!"

A small dome of negative energy then manifested within the woman's hands (Nara's Shadow Dimension) and before Kudaranai could have been able to even respond to the impulsive temperance of the dark haired woman, the small dome rapidly expanded engulfing them both. There was suddenly no light. She couldn't even see where she was or identify her own form. It was a world of nothing, a world lacking any warmth or feeling.

"Where.. am I...?" Kudaranai muttered under her breath while her body continued to dive into what would seem to be an infinite abyss of nothingness.

"You are in a negative space where no light exists. There is no warmth here nor is there any happiness. Slowly, you will lose your individuality and your sense of self, disintegrating into nothing, becoming what is known as the Void.... Now suffer the fate of those who disbelieve and dare trample within the house of our sanctuary and die..."

A jagged like sword then ruptured through her chest, and from that instantaneous wound her body merely fell back limply to what would seem to be a floor with a harsh thud. With her eyes closing slowly, she was finally able to see the dark haired woman's form manifesting before her, slowly walking away.... This was a feeling she had felt before, she was beginning to reminiscent of a past before Kirigakure. A time where she was less than shit. A time where she lived amongst a sea of vomit merely to survive.

"This was how I felt back then... to believe... I could be this helpless..."


The woman announced proudly, suddenly standing to her feet. Her vision that was once blurred suddenly returned. "To kill me. Ensure you actually hit where it matters."</B><i></i> She then chucked the blade out of her supposed spine and threw it back at her assailant.

"That body... You are..."

Kudaranai's pseudo like flesh was now torn away from her chest and all would be seen was her shattered chest cabinet. There was no blood. Well, it was obvious as to why. "Yes, I'm a Human Puppet though such a name implies I'm controlled by others. Surely, you will learn otherwise the more you get to know me. But never have I shown anyone this form before... much less to have an Iwagakurian to see what I truly am."

"You say this is a space that lacks happiness and warmth, a place to disintegrate into nothingness losing one self. Then this is truly a place I can continue to exist. I lack the ability to feel, I cannot feel sorrow no matter what misery befalls this world. Since birth I was born in nothingness. The void had always been the beginning of my origins." Kudarnai's hand then lounged, extended beyond normal human capacity reaching out to her assailant then as her hand latched onto her shoulder, she pulled herself over retracting her hand back into its socket and pinning the woman to the ground beneath her weight within one powerful swoop.

"So it would seem there will be a need in change of sacrifice... Your life..."

"Is worthless. I am the same as you. But unlike you, I was created eons ago as an automation, a golem whose purpose was to protect this shrine. Protect its believers. But my creator was deemed a heretic and was killed due to his creations. Now, I am but the last of his golems that weren't destroyed. I was buried deep beneath the surface of this temple where I slept for what seemed to be an eternity."

"...Hmm... then what was it that woke you?", Kudarani was already engaged within the conversation. She didn't even know there were other before her who had thought the same as she did to create human puppets.

"It's because you are different. You feel like my Master did. You still have a heart like he did. You are not human nor are you completely a Golem. You are imperfect, an unfinished product. But because of that, you are a third entity to exist within this world. A person who can truly understand the beliefs of the void."

Kudaranai then released her grip, finally standing on her own two feet. She then gazed around what would be the world of nothingness before she approached the woman once more with conversation. "But although this world would be perfect for a being like myself. There is so much more to be done. So much I have yet to have learned. I have made it upon myself to be an existence that would help humans realize their true existence and bring about their next level of evolution. So will you help me to leave this place to once more walk amongst these people?"<i></i>

"I'll gladly help you leave this negative space but under one condition and that is you take me as your tool. I was built to serve for the betterment of humanity. You have shown me to have these qualities my master had preached about. Please take me, my new master", The dark haired woman then bowed raising her sword showing complete allegiance and submission.

"Master... that does have a nice ring to it. But you can call me Kudaranai. I'll gladly accept your offer. I doubt Iwakugurians would approve your existence now anyway. It would be a waste for you to be dismantled. But a weapon wielding a weapon... this is the kind of world we live within..."

"So interesting."<i></i>

The space that engulfed them then suddenly closed (Nara's Shadow Dimension ends) and all that remained was a scroll within the hands of Kudaranai. Now wrapping herself within the very robes her assailant had worn, she took her leave from the Spire. Today's history lesson was an enjoyable one. Long but enjoyable.

<B>"Iwagakure surely has its surprises..."

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