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Aikayume Azusa
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Valentine's Event 2018

Re: Vote for us!

Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:21 am

Rank 4 this time. This will grant us;

+1 RP slot for the duration of the month.
+70 ASP and +35,000 yen, to be claimed once at any point during August in your training thread.

September 3rd-9th - 3x Training
September 10th-16th - 3x Training
September 17th-23rd- 2x Training
September 24th-30th - 2x Training

Classes/tutor reward x2 Stat/Yen reward during these weeks.

***Please note that as we did not reach at least 3rd place, this month does NOT reward x2 Solo/self-modded missions unlike last month :(
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Valentine's Event 2018

Re: Vote for us!

Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:37 pm

Let me check...oh we're rank 1.
WE'RE RANK ONE!!!!!!!!!!1111one
First place rewards!
Post in your training any time beginning 10/1/2018 until the end of the month to get 100 AP and 50k yen! In addition, all NCers get one extra RP slot for that month!

And training is going to be:
10/1 - 10/7: 4x training
10/8 - 10/14: 4x training
10/15 - 10/21: 3x training
10/22 - 10/28: 3x training

In addition, for the month of October all classes/tutors are 2x stat/yen rewards, and all Solo/Self Modded missions are 2x yen!

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