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Contract System

Postby Ninpocho Admin Sat Aug 15, 2015 4:08 am

Contract System 6.5

Finding a Contract

Before one readies themselves to endeavor outside their gates in search of a contract, the user must ensure it has been at least two months since their last search. Once this requirement has been fulfilled, the user now will be able to initiate a contract search amongst one of the many Outer Village zones within their own country or that of a foreign country. But of course for the latter, traveling rules apply.

A contract search requires to be labeled appropriately with a [Contract Search] tag placed within the title, and the role-play must at be at least 500 words or expect an immediate denial, where the user will have to wait two months from their post date to start a new contract search.

With version 6.5, all contracts (except Kami/Youkai) have an equal chance to be found in a country, rather than some being given preferential treatment over others.

But once the thread has been created, the user -must- post a respective link within the contract moderator request thread as means for the contract moderator to be aware of their search, and so it may be rolled and accounted for.

All contract searches will be graded within the following format: creativity, grammar, spelling and organization, and depending on your grade it may dramatically increase or reduce your chances of finding a contract. Unlike the previous systems, there will no longer be a saved RP bonus that continuously accumulates, as we felt there should always be a continuous effort to produce great roleplays by all players.

Upon coming in contact with a contract, the searcher will be given the option to accept or deny the find.

Upon a successfully finding a contract, the roleplay will continue until the contract mod deems the searcher worthy of the contract race in question, and at that point they will sign the contract item specific to that particular race.

If a failure is the result of a user’s contract search, the user may search again two months after the date of their first post of that search.

Contract Locations


  • Fox
  • Toad
  • Feline
  • Marine Mammal
  • Slug

  • Lizard
  • Snake
  • Shark
  • Bird
  • Insect

  • Monkey
  • Turtle
  • Canine
  • Slug
  • Spider


  • Bear
  • Canine
  • Marine Mammal
  • Feline
  • Spider

  • Bat
  • Insect
  • Spider
  • Bird
  • Canine

  • Deep Sea
  • Marine Mammal
  • Bird
  • Shark
  • Insect

The contracts marked by the green glow are exclusive to the particular country they’re listed under. So to find one of them, one would have to travel to that country, or buy one of the ASP cards that allow searching for other beasts in your own country.

The Custom Summon, E-Rank

For those whom hold a contract within their possession, are allowed to create a custom summon creature of their own. Unlike the creatures which are already determined via the contract from D to S rank, the E-rank summon is up to the user in how they want them to be like personality wise, as well as description wise, however the creature created must be of the same species type as the contract itself.

E-Rank Summons are mostly creatures geared towards RP, for individuals whom would like a special friend or two, of their own design/creation to grow with.

How to Apply for the E-Rank Summon

To apply for an E-Rank summon, a thread must be created within the appropriate Contract Request thread area entitled [E-Rank Summon Creation] which should consist of a link as to where they obtained their contract, along with information such as the creature's personality, name, how they became acquainted with said creature, and any other general information they wish their summon to know (Pertaining to its respective contract).

Please use the following template when applying:

Code: Select all

[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Description: [/b]
[b]Personality: [/b]
[b]History: [/b]
[b]Other info: [/b]

Contract Weapons

Some contracts are assigned certain weapons called "contracts weapons", but unlike normal weapons, these weapons are only useable once the specific creature of said contract is summoned. While you may use them in roleplays, you would have to have summoned the contract creature beforehand, and if a battle erupts, it would have to be re-summoned to give access to these weapons. Keep in mind that these weapons cannot be augmented in any way, shape or form. The weapons produced from the contracts all have unique enhancements or effects that simulate augments but a tad stronger.

Dual Contract Searches

In spirit of V6, the contract team will now be introducing dual contract searches.

Dual Contract Searches are just like normal contract searches except two players are able to take part within the same contract search. Essentially, what this means is both players will have the opportunity to attain a contract together within the same thread. Think of this as co-op mode for contract searches.

How am I able to go about a dual contract search?

To do a dual contract search, both players are required to write an initial roleplay of at least 400 words each within the same thread, and the thread should be labelled appropriately with the following tag [Dual Contract Search]. The accumulative piece between both players should be at minimum 800 words or expect an immediate denial, where both players will have to wait a period of two months before being able to apply for a new contract search.

For Dual Contract Searches, in regards to the grading scheme, each player will be graded by the same format as a normal contract search: creativity, grammar, spelling and organization. The only difference being the two grades will be averaged to be the 'final' RP bonus.

Denying a contract follows the same rules, however, both participants must agree to this choice. If both participants are not in agreement, the thread will continue as normal locking both players within the thread until completed or failed. But do note, denying a contract results in both players no longer being able to locate said contract ever again, regardless of area searched. So players should be absolutely sure of their choice before making it.

Dual Contract Allowances

What this means is simply that players will now be able to have up to two contracts, allowing them more variance than previous systems would’ve allowed them. But do remember even with two contracts within your possession, once in modded combat, you must follow the rules on contract limitations, which can be found here within the notes of the Contract Summoning technique: Click Here. What this essentially means is, you are only able to have up to one contract out on the battle field at any given time, unless one of your summons has an ability which summons others which overrides this but only for that given case.

Contract's Custom Re-Design System (Optional for all Contract Holders):

The contract team values creativity amongst its players, and as such, we have decided to allow players the ability to redesign their contract descriptions as they feel fit.
Q: What can be changed?
A: Almost everything!
  • Names, physical descriptions, weapon descriptions and technique descriptions for all creatures from D to S-Rank.
Q: What cannot be changed?
A: Any battle related information (the number stuff).

But do note, the contract team has to review these creations before you are able to use them. You are to post your completed rendition within the Contract Request thread which can be found here: Click Here.

A few guidelines to custom contract creation that needs to be adhered to:

  • S-Ranks of all contracts are now considered the Vice-Captains of their pact. While, the contract team on the other hand will be introducing Overlord creatures (The S+ Ranks), who will now be taking the mantle as the true leaders of their respective contracts. Players will be unable to summon the Overlord creatures period, and they will only be useable by the contract team for contract related missions, etc.
  • Depending on the contract gained, the scope of creatures (species) that can be created are limited to the respective contract type. For instance, if you had a Canine contract, you may only create canines for that contract. You will not be allowed to create a cat, rat, frog, etc. The contract team will be very meticulous in reviewing these contracts. The only two contracts that may have some freedom with the kind of creatures amongst their pact are the Kami and Youkai contracts.
  • Do not try to reform your contract to take on stances of other contracts. What this means exactly is that players shouldn't be modifying their contracts with traits that is clearly evident from another contract. For example, a person modifying their Kami contract to be akin to how a Youkai contract should be like or vice versa, or someone changing their Canine contract to be blood scavenging creatures akin to the Shark Contract's descriptions. We are giving you the freedom to customize your contract, but if it is clear you are simply designing a contract that doesn't fit to the Overlord tastes, it will be denied and a resubmission will be required. Rule of thumb, keep close or at least do not deviate too much from the personalities and attitudes you see within the original contract and you should be fine. But simply recreating another contract under a different skin will not be accepted.

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