Aspirations & Preparation [Travel Passport Request]

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Aspirations & Preparation [Travel Passport Request]

Fri Feb 01, 2019 4:05 pm

Doi slowly pushed open the doors that led into the lobby of the Torre Celeste. The intention behind todays visit was to acquire his very own travel passport. It had already been multiple weeks since the teen had successfully passed his Chuunin exam by this point. Doi felt the time was right to get all the necessary paperwork in order for when he officially decided upon a good time to travel outside of the country. Years of training and missions have led him to this moment. An important step towards what he had planned for his future.

The first thing Doi noticed upon entering the lobby was the receptionist's desk. In front of said desk was a surprisingly small line of just three people. It seems the teen had gotten lucky this time around. There was always a long line whenever he'd come by to ask for a mission or two. He'd even heard the stories of how excruciatingly long the lines in here could get from some of the older shinobi. 'Looks like we lucked out, Shakoo. We got here at a good time.'

'So it appears, Doi. It won't be long before everything is set into place and we can properly travel.'


A few moments elapsed before it was finally Doi's turn at the desk. The teen pulled down his hood and handed the receptionist a filled out slip of paper; a form given to him by another lobby worker while he waited in line. "I'm here to request a traveling passport. I've filled this out."

Name: Akimitsu Doi
Rank: Chuunin (Main Branch)
Reason: Tourism / Self-Discovery
Destination(s): Minor villages, towns, and potentially the Land of Wind
Expected Duration; Two years
Companions: None.

"I don't expect to set out for a while. Tentative date of departure should be around a year or so from now, after I turn 18."

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