New kid on the block

The vividly opaque walls and sterile air obliterates all notions that the now advanced and universally respected Hospital was once a very morbid asylum that specialized with lost hikers of the Ancient Forest and their incurable insanity. The technology within the hustle of doctors and bustle of scantily clad nurses is nothing short of state of the art and many different fields of medical practice can be found, from the common cold to the corrective surgery necessary for nephrocoloptosis.

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New kid on the block

Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:42 pm

Well, at least one thing never changed from one shinobi village to the next. No matter where you went there was always going to be a hospital, just like there was always going to be someone who sold weapons. After all, shinobi always got hurt and they always had to have somewhere to go to make them better again. A damage weapon isn't much good, now is it?

The Aesculapium was much harder for Maikeru to find then he had originally anticipated, making him much later for the meeting then he planned. He was panting slightly as he jogged through the front doors of the medical ward, his new cloud headband bouncing around his neck. He approached the main desk of the hospital, smiling slightly at the kunoichi who was currently working there.

"Hi. I'm.. uhm.. Uchiha Maikeru," Maikeru said aloud, unsure if he should use his new Alias yet or not. What name had the Raikage said would be coming to see him? "I'm here to meet with one of the people who run this hospital. Though, I'm unsure if I was suppose to meet the sennin or one of the Chief Med Nin. The Raikage was very unclear on that one.."

The young woman behind the desk gave him a confused look, having never seen this strange black haired boy before. Who exactly came in here saying the were sent by the Hokage? Even if Maikeru did wear a cloud headband, she was sure that she would have seen him before. He appeared to be around her age, shouldn't they have gone to the academy together?

"Right.." She finally said, pulling out a list of the appointments for today. "You're not on the list.. I'll send a message and see if they know something I don't. Wait here, if someone is expecting you they'll meet you here."

Maikeru gave a small nod, before pushing back from the counter lightly. He spun on his heels and began to walk towards the waiting area, taking a seat on the comfiest looking chair. He had found another thing that prevailed throughout shinobi villages as well it seemed, waiting.
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Re: New kid on the block

Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:34 am

Osu :
The person behind the front desk was actually a nurse rather than a Kunoichi, though like many nurses in the hospital this wasn’t really by choice. There were a few dozen people every year who, for various reasons despite being chakra sensitive, were deemed unable to become shinobi at all and failed out of the academy. Still there were various opportunities left for these individuals, the most commonly chosen being the Aesculapium’s Nursing Program. They offered free education in exchange for a minimum of ten years of working for the hospital, good pay and benefits, and a stable career that also allowed them to keep a civilian status.

As there were also a few true civilians (non chakra sensitives) among the nurses in the Medical Branch, at the initiation of this program it was decided that they shouldn’t really hold these nurses to military standards. This may or may not have been a mistake. The life of a civilian in Kumogakure was an odd one in this broad world. Except for a few individuals like merchants or normal people who did a bit of work on behalf of the village, no one was really allowed to leave the village, there also wasn’t anywhere to go for hundreds of kilometers anyway. This is part of why the train route between Nikko Station at the bottom of the Kumogakuran Mountains and Kabedon City was so important, it didn’t only bring necessities, it brought an import culture. Clothing styles from near and far, the freshest of entertainment and technology, luxury food and items, all these things and more were peddled to the hundred thousand civilians living in Kumogakure with a bit of subsidy to cover some of the costs to make them more affordable to the upper lower and middle classes in particular. The standard of life was fairly comfortable overall for civilians as they were allowed as much freedom as reasonable to distract them from the fact they would likely never leave the walls of the village. If one wanted work, it would be found for them, even if it was tough dreary work in the mines, and it would cover one's expenses and fed their families so long as they spent sensibly. And with such a big city and the low standards of life for peasants in the world below their mountain, most were content with this caged lifestyle.

What this has to do with the current situation is a bit of a headache for the administration of the hospital. While she was sitting and her super short skirt could not be seen, the nurse’s top was bordering on a bit too revealing, and she was far from the worst offender of the hospital’s nursing staff. No, that title probably belonged to the current president of the Nurse’s Union, who was currently strutting down the hall proudly in his sleeveless scrub top and a banana hammock… at least normally the thing was on display but currently he was wearing an apron to the relief or disappointment of various individuals.

Yes this guy wearing a banana hammock in a hospital was not only a nurse, but the leader of their union. The culture of giving great freedom to civilians and then taking young people out of a strict military setting led to the nursing staff of the hospital dressing like strippers. And every time the hospital tried to bring up a dress code the nurses, orderlies, janitors and the rest of the civilian staff would threaten to strike. It was much easier to give freedom than to take it away.

“Ah the Sennin is almost always out handling field operations, so the Raikage was probably referring to the Sesshou, Osu-Sensei. The Sennin left all hospital business for them to handle. I just got done speaking with Osu-Sensei in their office, so they are probably still there,”

“That apron… how did your discussion with Osu Sensei go?” The female nurse asked.

“I lost a bet so I have to wear this apron any time I don’t have ‘actual pants’ on the next three weeks. Don’t worry he hasn’t tried to change any rules, though I do get want he means about safety. We will discuss it more at the next union meeting.”

“What she means about safety,” the nurse behind the desk insisted.

“I honestly think it is a bit of a medical mystery,” a passing doctor commented.

“Doesn’t matter which one Osu-Sensei is, that moe is the only truth that matters,” a MiT said unabashedly while delivering a few files to the desk and wandering off.

“Everyone Osu refers to herself… *ahem* himself as a man and I think we should all be supportive of her- him, supportive and respectful of *his* self identification, we have been at this discussion for 14 Years now, from when that set of adorable bunny scrubs first entered this hospital and all these years of watching them grow up, Osu-Sensei is Osu-Sensei plain and simple. We even forced the poor kid to change in their own exclusive changing room because everyone was too nervous… or too excited to change with them.” He glared at both the doctor who had just passed by, who coughed with a bit of a blush and picked up their pace, and at the nurse behind the counter who lifted a magazine to hide her face as if she had no relation to that comment.

He then looked to Maikeru. “If you are here to see Osu-Sensei, you are more likely to be in the schedule of their office secretary than the front desk’s.
I haven’t had my cardio for the day yet, so if you don’t mind helping me out with that, I’ll show up the way.”

With that he casually attempted to toss Maikeru over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry and jog through the hospital halls and up a few flights of stairs if Maikeru let him do so, or if not the male nurse would simply shrug, grab a nearby MiT and lead Maikeru to Osu’s office all the same with the MiT wondering how long he would be stuck on this guy’s shoulders.

“Possible appointment for Osu-Sensei Tomu,” the nurse would say as he left Maikeru in a small lobby area with a couple chairs and a desk where a secretary seemed to be fairly busy. Without really waiting around the male nurse would jog off down another hall without a word of goodbye or anything.

The secretary would simply look at Maikeru with a tired expression and buzzed the office he was guarding. “Osu-Sensei, a kid wants to see you.”

“Is it time for my office hours already? I am just about done examining this machine that someone insisted will work this time so tell them to sit tight for a couple more minutes, please.” A feminine voice came from the device on the secretary’s desk.

About a minute later the voice came over the intercom again, “Oh wait, is this the young man who… *cough* yes tell him I got a bit caught up with something troublesome and it slipped my mind he was coming. I will be ready for him in just a moment.”

About twelve seconds later there was a loud boom and what appeared to be a sheet of paper had somehow shot through the door and embedded rigidly in the wall not too far from where Maikeru was before going limp as paper should and slipped out of the new cut in the wall before drifting gently to the floor. There appeared to be blood on it in a streak about as thick as a person’s neck. The secretary seemed rather shocked before her shaky hand pressed a button. “...Osuteno-Sensei?”

There was no answer for a few moments before a person whose head wasn’t on their shoulders, but rather being carried in their arms step out from the room, the held being held at a height to examine the cut in the door then the one in the wall before looking down and the sheet of paper. Putting the matter of their head not being on their shoulders aside, eerily flawless skin, a kimono that seemed to be a part of them as they moved about, a very pretty face, and overall attractive figure, everything down to the way they walked and held themselves suggested they were a princess of a more traditional sort.

“Tell Ajibana-San his ‘high speed printer’ is a failure, he has lost lab privileges, and he is on bedpan and sponge bath duty until further notice. Also have someone come clean up the mess in my office.”

The person who stepped out of the office found a reflective surface and carefully placed their head back on their neck and appeared to be making sure it was lined up correctly before letting go and it stayed in place as they did some neck stretches. They looked at some blood on their clothing, sighing, before gesturing with their hands and seemingly pulled the blood straight out without stains and tossed the resulting bead in the garbage nearby.

Then they turned their attention towards Maikeru, with a warm smile and no sign of the very annoyed expression from moments ago. “Hello there young man, I would normally speak to you in my office but let’s go to one of the meeting rooms down the hall for a change of pace.”

Not really giving Maikeru much of a chance to comment, Osuteno simply began walking with a slight wave for Maikeru to follow.

They entered a room with a table meant for about a dozen people and sat at the head of it and gesture for Maikeru to sit next to him. “Now I don’t have a full understanding of your situation, but let’s just start with you telling me what your official story is as well as the limitations of your situation, along with any details you believe would be important for me to know. Do be thorough, I will be confirming what you share later and it will also make it easier for me to identify some accommodations and provide assistance in your training and education.”
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