Come one, Come All! [Looking for a fight]

The pinnacle of cloud village engineering and usage of Lightning Country resources, the Grand Colosseum. A giant elliptical amphitheater, constructed using various stones, metals, and cement, capable of seating around 50,000 spectators. The Colosseum plays the stage to many type of events, shows, and entertainment, and the outside wall is home to many various shops relating to warfare, food fitness, souvenirs, theatre and training.

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Come one, Come All! [Looking for a fight]

Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:34 am

It had been ages since Tatsuo had spent even more than a few nights in the village. Growing incredibly bored of the day to day missions and duty of a shinobi he managed to take a year or so off for some personal growth. Or so as he said. Really what he had done was gone around tearing up the local boxing scene all throughout the lightning country. Due to his skill as a shinobi he pulled punches and did not use chakra to his advantage, but even when limiting himself he found it hard to find anything he would consider a real challenge. After some big ticket matches in Raiden's Eye he returned back to the Village Hidden in the Clouds, hopefully to brush up on some of his abilities as a ninja.

He remembered from his youth that there were times when men would just suddenly enter battle in the Colosseum, much like his sensei so long ago. The fight was still ingrained into his mind and occasionally he would wake up in a dry sweat thinking of the intense flames Kaen was able to produce. However that battle with Kaen truly stirred something in the boy. A sense of thrill he could only find in combat, a strange euphoria for a pacifist but Tatsuo at heart did not want to harm anyone, but he still wanted to fight strong opponents. Even with a few years of maturity, age, and all the great things that come with it he still could not shake off the urge to fight.

So here stood the shinobi, in the middle of the arena, grinning as he remembered all of the memories he had of this rugged battle ground. His first real battle against another shinobi was here. He couldn't help but giggle at his reaction to that first fight, as he had only been looking for a lost bouncy ball. He wondered what happened to the nationalistic shinobi that assailed him that day. He had kept an eye out for her throughout his time here in the village, but even with a few more years under his belt he never managed to cross paths with her again. With that, he let out a sigh. Sooner or later someone would show up for a fight.

[someone come fight me plz - bmod]

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