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Arinia Hiroyuki
Cloud Academy Student
Cloud Academy Student
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Arinia Hiroyuki

Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:17 pm

Name: Arinia Hiroyuki (Yuki for short)

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Sex: Male

Rank: Academy Student

General Description: Yuki has always been the type to stand out, if not from his bright scarlet hair and piercing green eyes, then from his overflowing personality. Always the loudest, always the boldest, he always felt that if he wasn't the first in line to do it then what's the point. This sort of mindset made him always eager to talk to anyone, and always willing to do whatever was asked of him. Though in the end it was all just a mask, a facade put on to be more likable. At home Yuki would keep to himself, his bright beaming smile gone for a neutral flat face. He knew it was easier to have someone like you if you smiled, but that didn't mean he wanted to. He would rather spend his time alone training or reading then out in the world being fake, but that wasn't the way of the world. To get by as a shinobi he would need connections and to get those it was better to smile.

History: Yuki grew up with just his mom on the outskirts of the main city of Kumokagure. His father had been a Chuunin of Kumokagure, while his mother a simple civilian running a family owned tailor. It was at that very shop that his parents had met, his father coming in for some repairs to his clothes after a lengthy campaign. Unfortunately Yuki grew up never knowing his father, having died on a mission the year after he was born. His mother did her best to raise him alone, working hard at the shop to make sure he could live comfortably, and between his father's savings from missions, and the money from the shop Yuki grew up a good life. At a young age everyone always thought he was an attractive child, and as he grew into himself so to did those looks, a gentle face and pretty smile. However his mother knew that behind those looks held an icy chill and cold gaze few saw. It was the same chill that ran through her own veins, a chill that had run down from all the women in her family going back hundreds of years. She had hoped it would skip her child, but her luck hadn't been good, and on Yuki's twelfth birthday the truth of it all was revealed. The CPSS were making their annual sweep through the village and surrounding area, rounding up any children with the ability to manipulate chakra. Yuki was one such child swept up in the wave. His mother had tried desperately to fight, not wanting to lose another to the life of a shinobi, but her cries and pleas fell on deaf ears, as he was taken away. At the time Yuki couldn't explain why, but he didn't feel a thing when he was taken away. No sadness, no nervousness, no anger or hatred, he just felt calm. Upon arriving at the Academy Yuki was tested along with the hundred other children that were to be initiated to see their initial aptitude for the shinobi arts. It was a simple test, a simple flow of chakra through a piece of chakra paper, to see not only if they could control their chakra already, but the extent to which they could control it. The students that went before him split the margin some managing to emit chakra, others failing completely. When it came to Yuki's turn he wasn't sure how he would fair, he could feel the chakra inside him, feel it moving through his body like and icy river, but he had never been thought anything of the shinobi world by his mother. Gently he reached out and took the paper in his hands, closing his eyes and feeling the flow as he was instructed, but when he began to force the flow into the paper it reacted differently to the rest. In most cases the chakra paper would react in line with the natural element you held an affinity towards. Fire and it would burn, Water and it would get wet, but in Yuki's case the paper completely froze becoming a solid chunk of ice. The staff at the Academy were stunned and amazed, normally Ice required the combing of Wind and Water natures to create, only one clan originating from Kirigakure had the ability to instantly create Ice. Yuki's mother was found and questioned about the incident and it was revealed that her family had originally been from Kirigakure before coming Kumogakure, but that in the last several generations no one had been born with active genes to use the Ice nature, until Yuki.
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Kagetsu Yuii
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Re: Arinia Hiroyuki

Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:15 am

Great App :)
On behalf of Council, I welcome you to the Village Hidden in the Clouds! Please continue to follow the steps in the First Timers' Guide.
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Do your best to have fun and engage in jolly co-operation with your fellow Kumo-nin!
Starting Stats:
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