Junko, Satori - Academy Student

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Junko Satori
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Junko, Satori - Academy Student

Sat May 12, 2018 8:22 pm

Name: Junko, Satori

Age: 12

Physical Description: Standing at four foot eleven, and weighing a measly ninety pounds, Satori is no friend of strength. She was a sick child for most of her life up until she reached the age of eight. Suffering from bad fevers, coughing fits that end with her yacking blood, and many sleepless nights. She has extremely pale skin and hair, so pale in fact that her skin is ashen and white like snow. After the events that took place six years ago, she suffered extreme burn marks across her face and arms. While many claim it was accidental, there are a few believers that it was an attempt by villagers to get rid of the cursed girl. She hides the markings on her forehead with a bandanna up until she was adopted by Mr.Junko, an academy teacher for first year students, who got a hitai-ate specially crafted for her. The headband was crafted with steel, and has two horns that are equally adjacent to one another. Her eyes are a scarlet color, adding to her scary look and making the red burn marks on her face look like cursed markings rather than the scars that they truly are. Underneath the headband the cursed marks are black, contrasting her skin, and forming strange markings across her forehead.


History: Before meeting and eventually being adopted by her adoptive father, Mr.Junko (she refuses to call him anything else), she was a very timid girl. Not having many friends for her appearance and her strange history, her time in the orphanage was a very lonely one. She spent a lot of time with caretakers, who pretended to care about her due to her sickness and lack of social interaction, or perhaps of fear. Fear of what she could later do to them. This affected her so badly that at night, when she wasn't suffering from one of her fits she would lay in bed and accept the fact that she was cursed, and would forever be nothing but a monster until the day she died. This mindset only grew worse during the ousting of the Daimyo. A fire erupted in the orphanage, and badly scarred her as caretakers 'forgot' about the young girl. She was saved by a Shinboi later revealed to be Mr. Junko.

She would later be reunited with her savior when she was eight years old in the academy. Her sickness was waning and she received permission from doctors to join, despite her caretakers warning that it wasn't good for her health. Her first year Academy teacher was Mr. Junko, and the man recognized her as the girl with the bad burns. They hit it off well, and he grew affectionate to the girl, bringing her home to his wife and feeding her dinner. Always escorting her back to the orphanage so she would never have to walk back alone. After two years of caring for her, she grew to be one of the family. Mr. Junko and his wife, who couldn't have children, fell in love with the girl. One day during their walks that Satori cherished and looked forward to, Mr. Junko surprised her with the adoption papers. It brought the young girl to tears and since that day she lived under his roof.

Since then, her self esteem grew and for once she felt like a normal girl. She had parents, and although many kids in the academy ignored or avoided her, she even had some friends. But she still struggled to graduate from the academy, her underwhelming strength and underdeveloped body stopped her from passing any course. But where she suffered in strength, she strives with her genjutsu and ninjutsu. Mr. Junko personally took it upon himself to train her and get her body to the level of her chakra, which he believed to be unbelievably special. In fact, he realized when Satori got angry, the cursed mark on her forehead would emanate a faint light. She was special, and Mr. Junko knew it.

He eventually got her a personalized hitai-ate. One that angered Satori at first. It embellished everything that she seemed to hate, the idea that she was nothing but a curse. A demon. Something born to either kill or be killed. But Mr. Junko told her one day, when he found her crying as she held onto the head gear, that she must accept what others see her as to be strong. Accept it, and change their conception of it. From that day, she accepted it, and made it a part of her being. But something has recently been eating at her. Who are her real parents? What was her history before now? The orphanage always told her she just appeared at the gates in a baby basket, yet what was the reasoning behind that? She vows to find out one day.
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Re: Junko, Satori - Academy Student

Mon May 14, 2018 7:54 am


Congratulations, you've been accepted to Konohagakure!
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Your history is leading me to think she's already graduated, so I'm going with Genin. IF you want Academy Student instead just PM me to let me know.
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