2215 Burdett Avenue, in Upper Sunagakure

The Sietch Zensunna has a large collection of houses varying from small to large. The cave splits horizontally near the back and all the housing has been lined up on both levels. The upper level contains the nicer houses like store owners and businessmen live while the lower level is filled with the moderate to small houses and apartments where the majority of shinobi live. There is a large, ramp that rises up the 40 some feet to the upper level which is lined with more houses.

Middle Class Residential Area.

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Re: 2215 Burdett Avenue, in Upper Sunagakure

Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:35 pm

”Forget it! There’s no time! Ma’am, you need to get out of here — NOW!”

"You too!" She, obviously, knew what was happening. She knew there was something wrong, that the bespectacled man was not what he seemed, and she further knew that if she was just able to confirm what he felt like...the rest would become clear. Normally, it might have been helpful for this abnormal Aburame to change tactics, play along, or perhaps adapt in any way possible. Yet that was, strictly, impossible. Parameter #2 was absolute: "Prevent physical examination." There could be no deviations.

When she attempted to grab his arm, he attempted to evade her.

"Impossible! I can't run — someone needs to defend against this assailant, engage them, and reprimand them. Go get backup, quickly!" He was insistent, even more so than she was. She could test his limits, but there was no other course of action that this 'man' would take; simply put, he couldn't take any other actions. Another volley of explosive kunai came at them, as if to reinforce the message that now was the time for Michi to leave, alone, while her 'savior' defended against the 'surprise' attack. This was the narrative, as far as the bespectacled man could 'see.'

Meanwhile, the rest of the plan was falling apart — literally.

The figure on the roof would fall through, the angled clay-tiled roofing giving way underneath a weight they were not designed to support. Instead of landing on the third floor, it seemed that the entire interior of the build had been hollowed out, the flooring between each level eliminated, opening up the entire three story building into one big open box. The figure fell, and crashed hard into the ground. There was a cracking, breaking, sound. Not of bone shattering, but rather wood splintering and metal creaking. His outer shell had been damaged.

”Shit.” The torso of the figure that had fallen opened up to reveal a man, inside of another man — phrasing irrelevant. Like a coat, the outer layer was merely that: something to be slipped on, when you needed it, and slipped off when you didn’t. In this case, instead of fending off the cold, the intended purpose of this ‘coat’ was access to a particular skill set. The explosive kind.

”Damn it,” the man on the inside cursed, ”I’ve only got one more good use of this thing left...” The visage, and many other body parts, of the occupied body looked cracked. Fractured, even. For such a well-made tool, it really hurt the unnamed, dark haired, pilot to see his creation in such a sorry state over such a small miscalculation. Yet it was necessary; or so he kept reminding himself.

He left the figure where it lay, out of immediate sight among the wreckage of the room, hoping to reserve such a toy for the time when it might be needed — he was setting a trap with it, a Kaizo Trap. Instead, the dark haired, red eyed, man turned his gaze to inspect the wholly unexpected interior of the building, the odd safe which seemed to contain the occupant’s (Michi’s) most prized possessions (or so she would lead him to believe), and the rather obtuse metal door. The door had five, perfectly square and identical, openings in it.

”First thing’s first...” the man muttered to himself. A simple technique, Mask Summon, would add an extra layer of ‘protection’ to his identity — he doubted Michi would buy it, but it was something. ”...next…” A quick, cursory, look around for any abnormalities with the Chakra Sense jutsu. He was looking for anything which seemed like a trap. If all was clear, he could then proceed to the last step. ”...finally…” He would carefully, slowly, approach the door. He didn’t know what to expect, or what he’d learn, but he hoped it would be worth all the trouble and danger he was putting himself in.

More than likely, this was another elaborate trap. Yet, if it was set, there was a reason for that. Perhaps by springing this trap, he might learn more about why it had been set in the first place?
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Re: 2215 Burdett Avenue, in Upper Sunagakure

Mon Jan 21, 2019 1:29 am

Order of Operations: First assessment. The stranger, apparently Aburame was sent to her residence by a one Oda Yatamaru at his behest. The contents of the letter were a lie, one the Aburame may or may not be complicit in. When a lie is discovered, the logical course of action is to disregard any data being provided solely by the subject as it is likely to be tainted, skewed, tampered with or simply fabricated. Therefore, the only information she would glean from the man before her is that she could not trust what he said, be it a willing or an unwilling party in this ruse, he was a part of the deception regardless. Then there was the "attack." The attack was likely tied to Yatamaru as well, he was the only person that she shared the address with. A purposeful action as she left breadcrumbs throughout the city to determine who was talking to who. Who had a vendetta and who she could trust. The person lobbing explosive kunais was either Oda Yatamaru himself or someone associated with Oda Yatamaru. One could argue that perhaps this attempt against her was the result of her being trailed, that is to say someone was capable of doing such without her notice which was doubtful but still conceivable there was two problems with that narrative. First, the Aburame's swarms were already out, he was astonishingly prepared for this surprise attack. Secondly, the timing was suspect. Nobody visited her house, hardly even the mail service and yet in this hour, no the minute she not only crossed a personal messenger but also an attacker. The probability of such as infinitesimal.

She needed to ask the right question. This was the heart of all intellectual inquiry. To ask the right question so that she might learn what she needed to know. Why was this happening? That was the question she was being asked. There were three reasons that came immediately to mind. The first: an assassination attempt. An assassination attempt in broad daylight in a populated region of the village on the street. If so, this was because this was the only location they had on her, a location only Yatamaru could have provided. If that was the answer, then she would need to ask does he want me dead? Conceivable, if not him an associate of his. This was a logical stream of data, but one needed to consider the variables. The first being the Aburame, he was a verification that this was somehow related to Yatamaru. Then there was the defensive position he had taken when they were attacked. A successful surprise attack could have weakened her and made her easier to eliminate or capture, however his action reduced the probability of a fatal altercation, No, this was not the objective. The second option was that this was an attempt to capture her, something that was more likely than an assassination attempt because she was more valued by most alive than dead now that she was free from Nao's seals. Not to say that she was safe from mortal injury but the risk is lower. Again, it would have been easier to injure her so that she was easier to capture. Failing that, isolating her by accepting her plea to run with her could have been perceived as a favorable objective, even if isolation would have been a greater boon for her than him or potentially them had they knew her full power-set. No, their best options were already past them. They were not attempting to capture her. Then there was the third option, reconnaissance. That this was a distraction, that she was drawn from her domicile so that the secrets housed within the barred complex could be rifled through, invaded upon and her knowledge stolen. This is a potential truth, but the note did not have to draw her from her house. He offered to leave it and had she accepted she never would have left. It did not make sense, not really. This was a sloppy attempt. What about a fourth reason, a simpler reason for a simpler man. The note existed to disseminate false information. To give him an excuse to renege on their deal. A deal he never truly intended to fulfill. She never expected him to fulfill the request, it was far too suspicious and if she truly needed such she could have easily divided it among a dozen or more artisans. she chose not to. She chose to only deal with him, of course the question why was one that she already knew the answer to. It was a flimsy excuse that never would have held up. And then... the "attack." Did he panic? Possible, he was not the sort of man that planned ahead considering his idea of order in his apartment appeared to be oldest, rankest items at the bottom of the piles of refuse and the newer empty bottles and pizza boxes near the top. So distract her with fireworks, make her flee. Was that more logical than retreating inside? Inside a building that she had demonstrably made into a fortress over the past several days rather publicly. Yes, she was putting on a show of sorts, attempting to draw him or whomever was watching her out. There is a sense of urgency that comes with activity, that was purposeful. The question was, which one was he? The Aburame or the hidden shinobi assailing her with kunais?

Then there was a crash from above.

...or there.

The sound of a roof breaking, of a man falling three stories, was unlikely to be silent. It would not be without notice, so she would not run. She would not retreat. Something or someone was inside her spider's web. She did not anticipate that he would have tried to enter via the roof, or in his case simply manipulate the structure of the roof. As a portal of entry or egress, impossible to hypothesize how, when or where but there was never a conceited effort to keep him out. In fact, the roof was flimsy, weakened by the explosive charges she had tested within the confines of the stone building. The walls had metal bars, they appeared to have runes on then had he taken the time to closely look at the bars. An intimidation factor? Perhaps. But why runes? Why take the time. Why make such an ostentatious display?

Well, there was a variety of reasons. First. To get them to come. Second to get them to enter. Third to keep them from leaving.

It would seem ludicrous, metal bars that could likely be manipulated with metal jutsus. Walls that could be scaled with a rudimentary skill such as chakra climbing, something most genins could perform casually. Considering the body-sized hole in her roof, this appeared to be a poorly fabricated trap. Nobody ever asks what the runes are for. The runes were not there for decoration. The building was not being worked on out of boredom, The point was to even the playing field just a smidgen. You see, the point was to block one's ability to use chakra within the perimeter. Of course, the question was effectiveness.

"Run... Engage... Reprimand," She repeated the key words said by the Aburame, her voice calmer as if a switch had been flipped. She looked back at her household, "so be it." Refuge in her 'fortress.' There was an anxious excitement that she hid behind a facade of indifference and neutrality as she backed away from the Aburame that refused to be touched. As she backed away from the fray and his proclaimed defense, a warzone in the middle of the street. She thrust a key, yes a simple house key, into the knob of the door... and gave it a good, hard twist. "And I will do the same." The door opened inward, it was dark inside. She would take three steps backwards, her hand never parting from the knob as she stepped inside, removed the key and her grip on the brass knob as she shut the door behind her unless somehow prevented and locked the door behind her.

She was looking to see who or what fell inside. What story they would claim, how they were innocently traipsing on her roof whilst there was an assault on the street when the structure gave way. A self-proclaimed savior. The improbability of it all. "Breaking in... rather loudly."

Before she potentially entered there was this gap of time, seconds really but that was still enough to glean something. He was right about one thing, this place had to have some sort of relevance. She was spending a lot of time here. More than what would be reasonable for a trap. There was a massive box and a door. Both appeared to be incomplete. Odd really. The door had writing on it. Across the top of the door in large letters written in common: Use in the right order or not at all.

Next to each square opening there was a pictogram engraved into the metal with almost photorealism and words written in runic.
An elemental creature of some sort, looked like Mikaboshi: 2 or 4 (in runic)

A very cliche appearing demon, looked like Akkuma: 1 or 4 or 5 (in runic)

A sandworm: 6 (in runic)

A human: 3 (in common)

An oroboros: 1 or 2 or 4 (in runic)
It was... a puzzle?
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