A long deserved departure [Exit Country]

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A long deserved departure [Exit Country]

Postby Tao Tue Jan 24, 2017 5:37 am

Pulling the hood down, covering his face slightly further. Satoshi could not risk being seen by anyone around him, he could not risk anyone recognizing his face and alerting the authorities, he knew he did nothing wrong, just following instructions but appearently that was nothing more than a plan to trap him, use him as a scape goat for some elaborate conspirecy, or at least so he believed. He tried to not brush past anyone, creating contact will only cause him to provoke a conversation, he couldnt afford that one bit. Even with the previous Tsuchikage gone he knew that his men would still be after him. He decided to go to the last place any stone shinobi would look for him, he headed towards wind country.

"damn those basterds, damn every single one of them, the kid knew what he was agreeing to, he was told that he has to take responsibility for any harm he would sustain, but to send the kage and his men at me? After all I did for this village? Man, what a joke!"

He could feel heat gathering across his face, he was clenching his fist tightly under the cover of his cloak, it was unlike him to visibly show anger, it went against all of his training, against his way of life but he couldnt help himself, this was simply absurd. He could only hope that things would be different in his next destination.

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