Black Dahlia Roleplaying

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Black Dahlia Roleplaying

Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:54 am

BDRP was created to be a roleplaying and writing community for adults. Our goal is to provide a fun and creative space for roleplayers to come together explore new settings, worlds and characters together.

Our administrative team served as admins and team captains on other sites and areas on the internet. Eventually they decided they wished to have more autonomy and pursue their own vision for a writing and roleplay site." Each of your admins and staff members wanted to create a place they could call “home” for their writing. We also each wanted to cut through the disconnection that happens between staff and members, at times, we always want to be upfront and honest with members as we handle any issues that arise.

This is our home, if you join and help build our community, is it is your home too. So welcome home, and thanks for joining our community.

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