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Kouin -> Raiden

Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:02 am

OCR Type: Free Rebirth
Last Known Where-abouts: Kumogakure
Old IC Rank: Anbu Sennin

New Character Name: Kaze Raiden
Preferred Username: Raiden
New Village/Missing: Mercenary
New BL/CA: Santaru
Custom Class:

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[u]Returning Storm[/u]
[b]HP:[/b] (55+lvl) x stamina
[b]CP:[/b] (45+lvl) x chakra control
Class Bonus: Kinjutsu(Holy Water Jinchuuriki), +5% Water Damage
[i]High:[/i] Ninjutsu Accuracy
[i]Average:[/i] Gen DC, Evasion, Puppet Accuracy
[i]Low:[/i] Melee Accuracy, Ranged Accuracy
Main Branch/ANBU/Med-Nin: ANBU
IC Rank: Leaf/Mercenary (Was a Merc with him, but also ICly helped with the Leaf reconstruction, so up to them if they want me to be Leaf of Merc to start)

Character Age: 38
Gender: Male
Sex: Male

Character's Physical Description: Raiden has thin black hair that frames his face; due to his deep santaru roots, and strong affiliation his eyes glow a shade of sky blue constantly. He likes to keep his attire simple and functionable. He is reasonably pale due to being frozen ice, though he has kept a youthful appearence due to demonic intervention.

He wears a plain white scarf around his neck, a simple token of his childhood years that were stripped away from him violently. He stands at a modest five foot, nine inches, though he looks young and weak, he has an air about him which radiates years of experience and skill.

Character's Mental Description: His mind is withered with confusion; his last memory was that of his homeland of Kirigakure being washed over by the encroaching freeze. Prior to this his mind was tactical and goal driven. Never ceasing till his end goal was accomplished or till he perished from attempt after attempt. He had an unending will, and was ferocious in combat. He would continue to win the fight of unstoppable force meets immovable object.

Multiple Personality Application: N/A

Character History: Raiden lived peacefully atop Lightning Mountain with his family, just at the outskirts of the village of Kumogakure. He was an only child, with a mother and father, what else could one ask for, and what could possibly ever go wrong? At least, that's what he thought till the night he called the storm. His mother and father were violently fighting, throwing things and yelling, the twelve year old's mind couldn't handle it, and unbeknownst to him, he called a storm which would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Pure black storm clouds, darker than the night itself began to loom over the simple cottage, and was going tear it to pieces. The first lightning strike sundered the cottage in half, setting it ablaze, and causing the parents to go into a panic. Their panic didn't help Raiden though, a hail of strikes came down, opening a gaping hole in the ceiling, and dislodged a large log that landed on top of his parents; though his twelve year old body wasn't strong enough to save them, yet he tried and he tried, but he just could get the log to budge. He stopped and sobbed over the log as he can't do anything to save them, and he wondered why this storm had to come now, and why it had to take his parents life and not his? As if on cue, and beam fell and hit him on the head, causing him to fall through a hole in the floor into the cold snowy tundra, where he would ultimately die.

Minutes passed, yet it felt like hours. Raiden was sure he was going to die up here alone, and no one would appear; he accepted his fate, and shut his eyes. What felt like hours gone by, he could still feel his body, and it felt like he was being picked up, but how? No one should be out here in this weather... He used the some his last strength to open his eyes to see who it was; it was a man with long snow white hair, and two different color eyes that shined in the snow, "What's your name?" The man asked, but he had a hard remembering, Lightning.... Rai...., with the last ounce of strength he whispered Raiden and passed out. "Well buddy, you're safe now, I'm Xun, and I'll probably have to tell you again, but you're all right." Xun carried him to the med bay of Kumo, and asked themMake him better, I found him lying in the snow, I don't know how long he was in there for. After telling them what he knew, he proceed to make way for the door, I believe he's between 12-13 you should enlist him into the academy to work up his strength afterwards, I believe his parents are dead... With that he disappeared into the wind.

Years went by, summers came and summers gone, the genin years, the chuunin years, the AiT, and then the full blooded Anbu. It was time for Raiden to take some R&R to the mist country and enjoy what they have to offer. Leaving the gates of his precious village behind, he made headway to Kirigakure to explore it's vast mysteries. He knew they might be a bit weary of him, but he was solely here for relaxation, nothing more. He eventually arrived, and went through all standard procedure and was eventually let it. He saw many things; The Obsidian Islands among other things, but what also caught his eye was a local women, she was beautiful, but he couldn't make a relation here, not now at least, Kumo wouldn't approve. So he slept with he for a night and wrapped up his dealings in Mist the next day and left, leaving a note saying good-bye and a clean load of clothes right out of the laundry, cause he's that kind of guy.

Ten years have passed by since his shenanigans in Mist, and still can't forget that women and what would've happened if he had stayed. Being a standing Anbu Captain under Vice Commander Masao; "Sir, you have a letter, it's from mist." Taking the letter from his hands, he gave the guard a nod "Thank you" He tore the letter open and began reading it, and his mouth gaped open It's from her..... I have a son.... Looking at the calender... In a blink of instant rage, he threw everything off his desk, I have to go, this mission it's my out....

His squad departed for the mission, it was a standard caravan heist, but they couldn't find the people from the caravan, so it's also an expected kidnapping, which called for the Anbu, "Ok Alpha 1 take the north, Beta take the east and Delta the south, I'll take the west, see if they went towards the mist village." They all nodded and went their separate ways, little did they know he wasn't returning, he left for the water country and never looks back.

When he arrived he learned she named the boy Kouin, That's a fine name. And Raiden lived his days in peace and comfort.

This Portion of the History was approved By Cloud Council on October 29th, 2013: Admin Only Link

In transit from Mission to Kirigakure.

Leaving under the guise of a mission was simple task, but a dastardly one; the mission in question was one that was quick and simple, but wouldn't be odd for one to suddenly turn up missing. Anger and regret seethed from him, how could he have been so careless to bring a child into this world with someone from another village? He had to throw his career out the window, and start from scratch again. Though regret for not being there when the child was born; a father should always be there for the birth.

The waters that would eventually lead to Kirigakure were a lush blue, and reflected the bright skies beautifully. The coast line was littered with undersea coves and lavish reefs. A sudden surprise overtook him as the rocks beneath him caved in, and threw him into the water. A sickening darkness had lived within him; quiet and dignified because he kept himself alive; he needed not the help of him, and simply used his as a source of life, but did not make itself known.

He had continued to sink to the bottom. Struggled as he may, he was caught in a current which he couldn't break from. Tirelessly working against the current wore his body out fast, and he could feel the encroaching suffocation begin to overwhelm him as the last few drops of air begin to vacate his lungs. So the ripples of life seem to be leaving you... The cryptic voice rang out through his ears. The voice came out of presumably no where, but it sounded so close. Who are you.... It was an easy enough question.

I am the darkness that has been inside you The voice snickered menacingly. The darkness inside him? Has that been the looming sense of dread that would overwhelm his nights? Or the deep sense of paranoia when he stepped into the shadows? He had killed his own family, and even though he moved on and forgiven himself; the pain still lingers on. You've experienced so much agony and strife... Yet you lived through each encounter, yet here you die... How do you feel?

How did he feel? He felt his anger boil over, Some deaths just occur to the unlucky He had achieved much in his years, he left his post as a Captain, and abandoned his village for some child that he didn't know about in Kiri; unfortunate indeed.

You humans are such meek individuals. His words cut cold like ice. You strive for things constantly, yet when a meek obstacles that imposes an impossibility, you give up. He could hear the scoff in his voice. You've conquered many things... Question is do you wish to die here, or do you wish to carry on?

Was it worth him moving on? What was left for him? He couldn't return home, he had forsaken his mission and his homeland, and would eventually be herald a Missing Nin. He had a child, but how was he even to know how Kirigakure would take to him? His only grace there was Taro.. Though he knew the struggle of going through his teenage years without a father; he couldn't imagine the difference his life could have, but he didn't regret a single decision he made in his life.

He then came face to face with the beast, he sat at the recess of his mind; hidden away from his own self doubt. The entity took a likeliness to himself; though the visage was more somber and depressing. He could see the years of wear and tear across his face, the constant negligence. He looked so old. But so would he had he suffered physically from the despair. The shadow entity of himself was bound to his mind in mental shackles. Bound and shackled. Power never being utilized, but also not able to flow; you could have so much more potential, you could be so much stronger....

He was cautious... He had to have seen this 'entity' as a threat at some point, but as the fluid slowly began to fill his lungs, he knew his time was reaching it's limit, this encounter had to bear some fruit. He placed his hand on it's shoulder; visions from when he was a child and tore his home asunder flashed through his mind. The terror and hardship all relapsed through his body, he could even feel the dire chill course through his bones just like that fateful night.

His hand recoiled his body, but the realization was all the same. He was the driving force, the driving darkness that forced him along to better, and be better than everyone else. It's always difficult to come to terms with an inner darkness which has taken it's own shape. Doubt and casting rejection towards it was an innate first reaction, but what good would that do him? He was still apart of himself. His hands glowed an Azure blue, By my right as a Hand of Raiden, and my heritage as a Santaru. That which has been held imprisoned in the cusps of my mind. The chains around him began to loosen around him, I accept that which I have disowned; that which I cast away into the far reaches of the void. His azure hand swiftly cut through the chain holding himself back.

You just need to keep faith in yourself... If you reject yourself you'll create a monster, but I'm not too kin on dying myself... His eyes floored open; he was still surrounded by water on all sides, but this time he had an unexpected ally on his side. An ally and driving force that had always been with him, but decided to finally show itself when the time was dire enough.

Air bubbles bursted from his pores, ropes of radiating chakra encircled his body; he could feel the water flow with his body rather than thrashing it about. Part the water; tear it asunder. An aquatic ball formed at the base of his hand; aiming forward he released the concussive force of the blast forward, creating a void in the water. Using his affinity in gravity he created an increased polarity shift to keep the water in place, and to prevent it from crushing him again. He climbed to his safety and too a breath of relief.

So is this the part where you depart after saving my life? The inquiry was valid enough for him, he had betrayed himself, and was lucky enough to have survived this debacle without massive injury. The first thing he heard was a satirical laugh, Is he mocking me? The laughing grew louder. Yep. He was definetely mocking him, did he think this was some joke? I'm staying. I'm technically you that has been shrouded and 'corrupted' by dark essence; I'm you and not you at the same time. A sense of relief washed over him, he was half expecting him to just help and ditch; he could feel a new sense of coincidence course through him, as if two sides of the same coin finally recognized each other as one in the same, and began coinciding with each other.

When he arrived he learned she named the boy Kouin, That's a fine name. And Raiden lived his days in peace and comfort. The years continued to drift on, Kouin was excelling drastically, and and three other siblings for him to assist in tutelage, but all terror struck when warnings of the village facing a massive flash freeze, one that would overtake the entire village potentially. Regardless of his time in retirement he was prepared the moment the warnings were released, Kouin, get Mori, Ronin and Kaori out of here... Take them to Kumo... Hopefully you'll be safe there.. Im going to try to help stop the freeze.

His sons and daughter went off; off to a life better than death. He had signed a death warrant the moment he decided to stay in Kiri after the final warning. The beast inside decided claim itself as Setsuma; There is nothing we can do for your home.. A griefing silence befell him and the 'demon'. He had lost his wife, and he had sent his kids off to safety, and his village was crumbling.. He was about to lose everything once again. Though he could hear the snarky voice of him again, Just going to call it quits?

A smirk was riddled across his face, he already knew his answer before he even asked; quitting wasn't in his vocabulary. Wouldn't even dream about it. He allowed water to encircle his body in a spire circling upwards, There will come a time, when I need to return. And when that time arises, so will this spire fall. Setsuma wasn't satirical in his response, I shall fend off a frigid death, and place you in stasis in ice... You'll hardly notice the passage in time.. Silence grew between them till they both ended with, See you on the flip side friend. Clan Request: Kaze I suppose >.>

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Overwhelming Power Mastered B-rank -> Elemental Shockwave Mastered B-rank Jinchu
Omni-Flash Mastered A-rank -> Life Corrosion Mastered A-rank Jinchu
Kindred Fusion Mastered S-rank -> Vanishing World S-rank Jinchu

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Name of Kinjutsu you own: Kensai

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Re: Kouin -> Raiden

Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:23 am

This is an unretire, soo...background approved.

Class: Looks good.
Rank: Okay.
Branch: Yep.
Clan: I mean you own it, so.
Stats: Yeah.
Bloodline: Mhm.
Kinjutsu: Yes.
Jutsu Swaps: Okay.
Capped Shop: Check.

Old profile, training, and dojo moved to Cloud old stuff forums. Merc profile recovered from old stuff; no training or dojo existed. Usergroup, banner, and name updated.

Welcome back to Merc life!

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