Taking a Break [Contract Search]

Water Country used to be a tropical paradise with lush jungle land and numerous islands with various biomes to each. Now it lies dead, the water frozen in place, even the waves stilled forever and encased in ice. What few animals live here are very hard to kill, and used to surviving in this hellish land. Vegetation has become very sparse, and so many of the animals have turned to omnivores or even straight carnivores in order to survive. At the center of this land, a bright white light is always visible once you hit the ice. This is the city of Kirigakure, shining bright to lure in those unaware of it’s dangers.
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Re: Taking a Break [Contract Search]

Postby Yanjirou Mon May 15, 2017 4:29 pm

Haziness prevented Yanjirou from being able to tell that the cave they were in was beginning to collapse, but the worried expression that he was barely able to make out on the Orca's face was enough to tell him that something was wrong. Taking the whale's hand, he was quickly thrown over its shoulder and carried out, spikes and chunks of ice narrowly missing them as they fled.

Upon resurfacing, the boy was set back on his feet, where he allowed himself a moment to recuperate and think of an answer to their offer. It was certainly enticing, but...

"I appreciate your offer, but I have already been given enough payment for my assistance. I recognize your powers, and understand that an alliance could benefit me greatly, but that it simply not what I sought by coming out here." Perhaps his explanation would not make much sense to the mammals, it didn't make much sense to him either, but that was simply how he felt. They granted him the opportunity to learn more about Water Country's depths, as well as two separate contracts. "Truthfully, I feel it is I who should be indebted to all of you, for giving me such a fine tour." Yanji attempted a laugh, only to cough as his injuries still restricted his body. Standing as straight as he could - hoping to prevent concern - the young Byakko would turn and begin walking away.

"Perhaps we will meet each other again some day, but for now I must go. Farewell, dear friends. Keep safe." These would be his parting words, as he located the smoke from his fire that still burned. That would be the start of finding his way out of this wonderland, and it was likely that he left something behind...

Contract Refused, Topic Left.
It was fun! :D

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