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Called the “City of Thieves” or “Walls End”, Crater City is situated in a depression just off the Fire Country coast. What was once a slumlord controlled backwater village saw great economic growth when they managed to change the Red Line from a barrier for people into a barrier against the tides that always threatened the below sea-level port. If it’s illegal, then it’s perfectly acceptable here, just make sure that you’re not being double-double crossed by your own partner.
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Dokuso Lab....

Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:27 pm

The boy stood in his dimly lit room, the room looked to be filled with laboratory materials and many books on toxic materials. He was wearing a wooden make that had been filled with herbs, flowers, and spices to act as a sort of homemade gas mask. The mask that he made to protect himself from the toxic fumes of this rare fungus that was said to have the ability to produce a chemical that can produce fear if exposed to the body. Which is why he acted with the fungus like any other poisonous materials which is to always act if they would kill you.

He removed the lid off of the container of the fungus, looking down at the thick mushrooms, they were a dark brown with orange spots which kind of gave the look of candy. He smirked to himself, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, the thought of what this “harmless” little fungus could do against a strong warrior, he would enjoy seeing fearless warriors lose themselves in the horror that will be caused by the mushroom, he might even be able to give them a dose that will make them die from fright.

“This should be fun.” He said, reaching into his ninja pouch to pull out his kunai and set it on the table next to the mushrooms. Moving over to get a beaker glass container. It made of high-quality borosilicate glass that can be heated directly in an open flame. He would then set the glass onto single burner electric hotplate. While the hot plate was going he headed over to get to the sink, grabbing a large cup to fill the cup halfway with the water from the sink. He chucked to himself, moving away from the running water go to the breaker glass. Filling it halfway with water before moving back to the sink where he would pour out the excess water that he didn't need, then turn off the sink. Once that was done he pulled out white, latex gloves so he could safely touch the fungus and took off his glasses to strap on goggles while he waited for the water to reach its boiling point. Once the water was at its point, he would then move onto phase 2.

First he took three of the mushroom and put them into the pot, causing the water to go from clear color to black with a orange colored spots that started to appear in the sludge like liquid. Then he would go for his kunai, setting the kunai standing up so only the blade will be inside of the boiling black liquid, letting toxic chemicals sink into the metal of his blade. Now all he has to do is wait until the time was right to take the blade out, he couldn't wait to test the capabilities of this rare fungus that he planned on using. If the kunai was a success he would go on to make more toxic weapons. But for now it was time to wait...
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