Yuus' First Training [Solo]

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Yuus' First Training [Solo]

Tue May 31, 2016 6:04 am

The sounds of clanging metal echo through the training hall where the young aspiring ninja Oniyata Yuu was having her first ever actual training session. It was as cut and dry as her mother explained a long time ago but it was happening and it was exciting and difficult for her to grasp her tiny little head around on how much physical work it takes to get stronger. She thought she had to just run some errands or pose for something and the people would magically make her super strong. But no, she had to start working on her agility training to make herself faster as well as hit harder.

She herself was wrapped almost head to toe in training bandages so that she wouldn't get hurt but her mother thinks she went a little overboard and forced her to tone it down to only her torso and arms that are all taped up with the bandages. Her ebony skin shimmered with sweat as she kept on aiming her fists towards a metal can that her mother was tossing at her. Sure it wasn't the most conventional of training routines but it saved her on equipment and helps keep their home clean. The young Yuu couldn't really tell by this alone but she was starting to get the hang of using her body as a weapon, a weak one for the time being but as soon as she grows up she will become one of the strongest and maybe even the most feared shinobi the cloud has ever had to offer.

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