Stop the Madness! Bring Order to Chaos! [E-Rank Self-Modded Solo Mission]

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Stop the Madness! Bring Order to Chaos! [E-Rank Self-Modded Solo Mission]

Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:21 pm

Name: Stop the Madness! Bring Order to Chaos!
Rank: E
Type: Solo (Self-Modded)
Participants: Samsara, Saito
Description: An afternoon of researching modern technological innovations in the Bibliotheca Conscientiae leads our young Academy Student to a large section of the library whose books all appear to have been put in the wrong places -- maybe even intentionally! Saito alerts the Head Librarian who, after recovering from a subsequent and immediate fainting spell upon confirmation of the boy's report, charges our hero with the mission of putting all of the books back in their proper places, and finding out how such a terrible thing can have possibly happened!
Mission Approval: HERE

RP (WC = 1536):
Though he had worked hard with Tatsuo not long before, and had passed out asleep sometime around their parting, Saito's spirits and energies still rode high as he took himself to the Bibliotheca Conscientiae for his next attempt at studying. A disruption in his day that might have irritated someone less easygoing instead became the highlight of his time in Kumogakure thus far, though even Shinrin-nii could not keep this particular young Academy student away from the library for too long. Brave enough to pass through the doors without support this time, Saito acquainted himself with the layout of the building and the friendly staff who welcomed him before taking himself to the section on modern technologies.

Hah! I'll fit in just fine with Tatsuo and the Blazing Spirit at their house! Now that I know what a... a MICROWAVE is! he cackled with internal glee as he slowly studied himself up on the technological comforts he had missed while cloistered in the orphanage.

Saito's continued quest for knowledge took him to an older section of the library that didn't appear to be visited much; not that any books he found in the common areas of the Bibliotheca Conscientiae could ever be called dusty, but this large section had clearly seen less care than others. "The book I'm looking for should be... here," he said to himself aloud, checking titles... before noticing that none of the titles on that shelf should be there, they all belonged in a different part of the library.

Not on that shelf, nor on that one... nor that one... Saito checked enough of the shelves in the vast section of library to slowly piece together a horrifying truth: nearly every single book in this whole area had to be out of place. The young Academy student, his mind still not hardened to the dark realities of the ninja world, almost wretched in horror.

As did the Head Librarian after Saito reported the situation, just before passing out.

Even as he fanned the Head Librarian back to consciousness, however, the smart young student had a plan for putting all the books back into their places. I know the layout of the library and this section well enough by now... it won't be difficult to devise a system to sort all of these books and put them back where they belong. It will take some TIME... but it will not be difficult. Promising the Head Librarian that he would succeed in accomplishing the mission of reshelving everything properly allowed a deep sigh of relief! "I'm counting on you, young ninja-in-training! Stop the madness! Bring order to chaos! The very fate of Kumogakure is at stake!"

==DAY 1==

From around noon to sundown, Saito had worked full steam and had completed perhaps a third of the mission. His system of organization was perfect, but without the shadow clone jutsu, it still made for a lot of manual labor. Which, of course, Saito barely minded! It was the library! He took careful notes on titles he'd want to read later. Books on advanced technology! Science! Advanced jutsu studies! Ancient histories! BOY this section was great! Cleaning up for that evening, the boy went home, ready to return the next day to get a lot more done. Maybe even finish up!

==DAY 2==

All of the previous day's work had been undone, Saito found as he explored the section of library that had become his mission. No book remained in the place he put it; it seems like he'll have to start again.

For most kids (and adults), this would prove a frustrating and troublesome situation. Saito, however, found himself to be intrigued. Roaming through the section, he observed that not only did none of the books remain where he put them the day before, but each book went to the exact same place it was in before he'd begun. The "erroneous" placement of those particular books seemed no error at all.

From there, Saito's path became clear. After a brief conversation with the Head Librarian, the young Academy student worked all afternoon and evening to put as many books in their officially rightful places as possible. When night fell, the cloudie yawned, exhausted, and dragged himself out of the area to take his much-needed rest.

==NIGHT 2==

In the wee hours of the early morning, when the library rested in complete stillness, the sound of scurrying little feet can be heard in the location where Saito had been diligently working for the past couple of days. Lots of little feet! Along with little conversations.

"Good job today, boys!" a tiny voice could be heard amidst the stillness of the library. "We keep having days like we had today and we'll be on Easy Street!"

"YEAH, BOSS!" a series of tiny voices replied to the first one. "WE'LL KEEP DOING OUR BEST!"

"That's all I ask of you boys, that's all I ask of y-- OH NO, NOT AGAIN!!"

From a corner of the area Saito had been working, a piece of rug pushes up that covers a little hole in the floor. The hole, now uncovered, allows for the access of a group of mice to the area! The mice, dressed in little pants and shirts, alternately walk on their hind legs and run on all fours as they look around with what seems to be incredible dismay.


The boss of the mice, bigger than the others and wearing a proper, snappy jacket and hat, clicked its tongue in dismay over the vocal dismay of his subordinates. "Nooooo we can't go home now!" "This will take us until morning!" "Why does this keep happening to us?!" the follower mice moaned in despair.

"Alright boys, we have our night cut out for us again! Get to work!" With only minor protests, the group of mice breaks apart, heading to the shelves and beginning to undo all of Saito's organizational efforts.

The young Academy student, stealthily hidden and motionless atop one of the large bookshelves with the perfect overview of the library's rodent residents and their work, finally decided he'd seen enough.

"Yo," Saito greeted, having jumped from his overhead perch and silently landed in their midst, to the mice appearing as though he had just materialized out of nothing. Books and scared mice flew in all directions, screaming for their lives as the group's mouse boss tried to keep everyone calm. "DON'T RUN AWAY, DON'T LET HIM KNOW YOU'RE SCARED! THIS IS OUR TERRITORY, DON'T LET SOME PUNK KID TAKE IT FROM US!"

"Your territory?" Saito asked calmly, hands empty and exuding no malice. "Isn't this the Bibliotheca Conscientiae? Doesn't Kumogakure control this territory?"

"WELL OF COURSE!" the boss mouse rails back, his own fears and frustrations getting the better of him as he responds to the invader instead of rallying his troops. "But WE'RE guarding this place for our master until she returns! LIKE SHE TOLD US TO! So until then it's OURS!"

"Guarding? What are you guarding? And why do you have to change the places of the books?"

"WE'RE GUARDING THE TREASURE OF THE KUMO QUEEN, DON'T YOU KNOW ANYTHING??? And if the books are all put back in the right place then her treasure will reveal itself! We don't want THAT to happen, do we? NO!"

"Yes, you're right... sorry, I'm still kind of new to Kumogakure. Who is the Kumo Queen?"

When Saito asked that, all of the mice stopped moving and bowed their heads in reverence while the boss mouse told the story of a young kunoichi who contracted with mice and made them her friends. The young girl ended up dying in a mission several years ago, a tragedy for her miniature nakama. She loved books too... and as it turned out, once Saito had calmly reasoned with the mice and convinced them to let the library return to its proper order, she could read the older languages quite fluently. The "treasure" the mice had been guarding, revealed to be her favorite book, defied Saito's intelligent mind as its writings were in a strange language he didn't even begin to recognize. The mice insisted he keep the book, and promised him that he would enjoy it -- if and when he could ever read it, they laughed teasingly as the boy left the library in the very early morning hours, definitely ready for bed.

==DAY 3==

Saito exited the library after reporting the success of his mission to the Head Librarian. It had taken some doing to be allowed to stay in the library all night after close, but the staff recognized the need and accommodated the young Academy student. It made him laugh, at the end of everything, that he was even scared to go inside not too long ago. Now he felt like he'd spent TOO MUCH time there lately, and could use a solid break AWAY.

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