Operation: StK [A-Rank SSMM]

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Operation: StK [A-Rank SSMM]

Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:10 am

Name: Operation: StK (Save the Kitties)
Rank: A
Type: Solo Self-Modded
Participants: Suika
Description: Recently, the village of Kumogakure has had an increased rate of pet disappearances, specifically villagers' cats. Young hooligans and shady restaurants have locally been blamed, but upon investigation, both parties were clean of this crime. It was a cold case. While Suika, a mind-her-own-business type of gal, didn't pay too much mind to it, her shinobi cat, Blackberry, suddenly disappears. She knew this wasn't a coincidence. Leading her own investigation, she discovers the source of the catnappings to be a lot more sinister in origin. This was the work of demons. With her newfound knowledge, Suika sets out to find these demons, track them to the lair, slay the dark spirits, and save her beloved familiar. Little does she know, however, that these dangerous demons have an appetite for more than just furry creatures... It was a dark and rainy day in the village of Kumogakure. Lightning struck and thunder crashed as it downpour heavily below. Due to the high altitude of the village, the sky's wrath seemed most threatening compared to most other places in the world. It took the gypsy girl a long while before she grew accustomed to Lightning Country's violent and electrically-charged weather. It was no wonder a portion of the village worshiped Raiden, the thunder god himself. After all, it really spared or regarded anyone. As the storm raged, Suika turned her herself away from her window and wrapped herself snugly under her blanket. This would not interrupt her well-deserved slumber. After all, the life of the shinobi was taxing. She had a mission tomorrow.

Although a storm brewed, Suika couldn't help to feel more restless than usual. She felt a disturbance. The gypsy twisted and turned as she was experiencing a night terror. With a loud crashing sound, she awoke sweaty and gasping for breath. “Damn bolts...” she muttered under a silent yawn. Her tired eyes scanned the room. Where was her cat? Blackberry usually slept nearby, especially during boisterous storms. He was no where to be seen. “Blackberry...” she called out with an exhausted tone. A few seconds passed with no response. She attempted her summoning again. “Blackberry! Come over here!” Again, there was no response. Was that cat up to no good again? Slowly shifting herself off her bed, Suika made her way into the kitchen and browsed her mischievous cats usual hiding spots. After a while searching, her heart rate increased as the likelihood of his disappearance became more real. He was no where to be found. “Blackberry!” she cried as she literally tore her apartment apart. “BLACKBERRY!” Lightning crashed down again. Suika's heart wrenched.

-Two Days After-

It had been a couple of days since the mysterious vanishing of her cat. While at first in a panicked frenzy, the girl had to recollect herself and keep her mind focused on his retrieval. An anxious mind led to absent-minded mistakes. To best find her furry friend, she had to remain collected. After scouring the village and taking on leads, she was not successful in finding her black cat. It was as if he had faded into thin air. That's when she knew something more nefarious had to be in play here. Blackberry, although somewhat insane, was loyal and highly intelligent for his race and breed. There was no way he'd get lost or wander off with some stranger. This had to be a catnapping; her intuition convinced her of this. The idea led Suika to a thorough investigation on the matter. By the end of it, she was shocked by her theorized conclusion.


Apparently, many cats in the village had disappeared recently. Like Blackberry, these furballs had a clean track record of staying put in their given homes. Grieved members explained the incident of their vanishing as almost supernatural, as if their pets were randomly beamed away. The ghostly girl wasn't one to always blame demons or dark spirits for incidents, but this definitely reeked of them. They had quite the history of causing chaos in villages and targeting lesser creatures. To prove this, she set up a trap. “Transformation no jutsu!” Suika shapeshifted herself into a caramel-colored tabby.

Strutting her kitty stuff in the alleyway one fateful night, everything appeared to be quiet and calm. Occasionally, she'd run into another animal or person that posed a minor threat, but she was able to evade with her typical shinobi reflexes. She had almost lost hope until her spiritual senses tingled at 3:00 a.m.. As she sat innocently on a garbage can, a dark shadow passed by her with a speed she wasn't prepared to catch with her sight. Her vision grew dark. As she awakened, she was dumped out of a bag onto the cold, stone floor of some old building. Where the heck was she? As her vision cleared, she noticed hung slabs of meat all around her. Gasping, she covered her mouth in horror. A slaughter house?! “Blackberry-kun...” she whined quietly as she attempted not to draw attention. Noticing she was back to her usual form, she knew there was a high possibility she was already found out. She prepared herself to counter any ghastly being.

Suika kept her senses alert as she silently strode passed the maze of carcasses. Many clearly belonged to animals, but some appeared almost human-like. She wanted to barf. Withholding her grossed out feelings, she shook her head as her eyes glowed with furious spiritual aura. She had to save her kitty-cat! As she stealthily crept toward the nearest door, she overheard two beings cackling and snorting. They sounded like literal pigs. “Man, domesticated animals are the best to eat! Not as great tasting as humans, but the village is less on our asses this way.” The other demon responded almost too excitedly. “That's right! What did I tell you? I'm a genius, aren't I?” They both continued to snicker self-amusingly. Suika's face scrunched with irritation, frustration, and disgust. Demons that ate poor, innocent kittens? They would pay with their lives. She'd have no mercy for scum like them.

As she neared the devilish duo, she caught better sight of their form and their surrounding environment. Part of the building they were in was caught off. Both demons were partially outside as a large campfire sat between them. And my, oh my, were they hideous. She wasn't wrong in interpreting them as pig-sounding, because their appearances were actually that of humanoid swine. They both wore overalls, had semi-opposable thumbs, and had rounded snouts. She shuddered at her vision of them. As she continued to scan the room, she noticed one corner that had a expansive pile of bones. Suika gulped. Blackberry? It was then that she heard a familiar and noisy meow. While cat speak wasn't typically distinguishable, she knew in her heart that this was her cat. Near the demons stood an assortment of cages. Inside those mini-prisons were different creatures, all alive and well. Most were cats. Drawing herself closer, she instantly recognized a dark-coated one to be Blackberry. He was still alive! Relief swept over the girl as she felt a tint of joy. There was no true time for rejoicing – not yet, anyway. There rested two demons that stood between her and her cat. While she was usually sneaky in her assassinations, these dark, gluttonous spirits truly pissed her off. She wanted them to know full and well who was eliminating them today and why. Manifesting her spiritual sword, she dashed from the shadows and channeled genjutsu. One stood frozen as she sliced through it. It was instant decapitation. The other pig-nosed demon squealed. “Bitch! Where did you come from?” Suika held out her blade threateningly. The swine demon waved his hands. “We didn't kidnap no humans today! Why are you here?” Flashing back for a second, she did wonder how they didn't notice an 11-year old girl in the bag they kidnapped her in. She shrugged. “Your spree of horror ends now. Die, demon!” Mr. Piggy squealed out again as it met its end similar to its friend. Its head rolled away. Suika ran to the cages and unlocked them with unparalleled anticipation. “Blackberry, are you okay, buddy? Sorry I didn't catch on sooner.” It was then that her cat called out loudly again as if a warning. Suddenly, the girl's senses were consumed by a malevolent presence. Didn't she slay both the demons?

...Unless, there was more than just two. Finalizing her lockpick on Blackberry's cage, the cat hopped out and readied himself for the incoming attack. In a shadowed flash, another demon emerged. Unlike his friends, he was more animalistic in appearance. He resembled that of a giant boar, but was completely dressed in evil energy. Its red eyes shined violently as it yelled out with hell's fury. “Damn you both! I was plumping up those two to devour them later.” He huffed angrily through his snout as he continued. “You, girl, was supposed to be dead from the poison I slipped you. You must have strong tolerance.” Being the former gypsy she was, Suika, indeed, had a higher tolerance toward random chemicals. Creepy customers and audience members sometimes had their dastardly antics. As a survivalist, Suika prepared her own resistance to all types of poisons. It paid off today.

Suika's blade burst with more intense spiritual aura as her face locked on to an angered frown. She spat out at the beast. “You tried to hurt my friend. You've hurt other people's friends. It's time for you to burn with your creator, foul beast.” It was then that the boar charged the girl and her feline. With expert deftness, the two evaded the possibly deadly attack. Suika channeled her affinity in Shadow jutsu and summoned a humongous ebony dragon. It crashed onto the giant boar demon as both her jutsu and the being wrestled each other. “Blackberry, quick, while he's distracted. Extract information: point of weakness.” The cat purred as it non-hesitantly hopped onto the demon and searched thoroughly for its achilles. It was soon that Blackberry motioned at the kunoichi from a specific spot. She nodded with a victorious grin.

As her shadowy creation faded away, Suika descended from the sky and held her ethereal weapon in a downward motion. She stabbed the creature between its eyes. With an ear-piercing cry, it bucked wildly around. “Get off me! Die die!” It was too late. Just like burned paper, the dark spirit's body slowly drifted into nothingness as cursed energy particles released into the air. The demon was now slain. Like a feline, Suika landed on her feet. Upon her arrival on the ground, she was greeted appreciatively by her cute ninja cat. It nuzzled her face as she let out a small laugh. For the first time in the last two days, the kunoichi was finally able to feel happy again. “You've been through a lot, Blackberry. Let's go home.

While now was a good time to bask in today's victory, there was still work to be done. Suika couldn't save all the animals, but she was able to return a generous portion safely to their owners. She and her familiar were met with many gratitude. She didn't really care for all of that; the Genin already had her reward. Smiling at her crazy cat, Blackberry, Suika pawed at her creature as he mirrored the same. “I'm never losing you again, Blackberry. You're my best friend.” The cat purred in an agreeing response. No demon, person, or god would stand between her and her kitty. Not if she could help it! With that, Operation: StK was a success!

[TWC: 1,801 | Solo Self Modded Mission Complete!]

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