Steel and Spirit [Solo]

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Steel and Spirit [Solo]

Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:46 pm

At her usual training location, Tsubame sat in meditation. Her sword, white scabbard worn from generations of use, floated in front of her. Shrouded in the ethereal blue glow of chakra, the sword whispered its secrets into Tsubame’s mind. Her sword shrouded its identity behind the name Ganesh and called himself a demon that was possessing the girl. He appeared to her as an old, weathered, man. Gray and stringy hair along with leather dry skin with a face hidden behind a demonic elephant mask. Ganesh was mean and stern but he also took care of Tsubame and taught her the skills she needed to succeed in the ninja world.
”You have learned how to use your inefficient body from that day care and thanks to my tutelage you’ve just begun to learn how to use a sword. Now I shall instruct you how to use my special techniques. I don’t want to waste my time so try to learn this the first time around.”

With a hearty nod that seemed to completely ignore the instructor’s brash nature, Tsubame sat cross legged and focused completely on the lessons at hand. Three swords appeared between the two. One had a blue aura, another green, and the last was red.

”In addition to the five main elements that shinobi mold chakra into, there are three alignments that weapons and techniques can take on. The blue is Holy, the green is Spiritual, and the red is Cursed. Just like the element wheel, the alignments have strengths and weaknesses against each other. Ganesh is Spiritually aligned. Spiritual techniques are effective against Holy and weak against Cursed.”
He didn’t bother to spell out the rest; he expected the girl to figure it out for herself. With a wave of his hand the red and blue swords vanished and all that was left were two Ganesh. He took one and Tsubame took the other. As in sync as a mirror, they each placed their sword in their obi and took the same draw stance against each other.

”The spiritual alignment is an illusionary neutral force in the world. If Holy was from Heaven and Cursed was from Hell, Spiritual would be the power of the mortal world around you. Passed down your ancestry from generation to generation. To master Ganesh, you must delve deep into the sword and awaken the other spirits within.”

In perfect symmetry each drew their weapons and clashed into each other. The ring of their metals echoed through the white mindscape as their mental battle began. A rapid succession of precise sword strikes as Ganesh lowered himself to his student’s level and Tsubame attempted to push up to her master’s level. Tsubame seized the advantage and took control of the tempo. At least, that was what Ganesh had allowed. He was watching, he moved fractions of seconds after she did and still his reactions caught up in time to make the fight look relatively even.

”The first spirit of the sword is yourself. You must display excellent form of Bushido to begin your training. Do not make the mistake of thinking I am a gate or path. I am an obstacle for you. The sword is your gate and your bushido is your path. Remain true to your way and force the sword to reveal its secrets to you.” After their brief clash they separated once more and sheathed their blades. Ganesh stood as emotionless and steady as a mountain while Tsubame was already beading with sweat. Her shoulders and chest moved dramatically as her mind and body attempted to make up the difference between a fresh genin and a swordmaster.

”What you just unconsciously experienced was your body using the image of me in the sword to move as I would. This is the first technique I have to offer you and it is called the Wrath Seal. As you strengthen your body, you will better adapt to my movements. As you delve deeper into the sword, you will bring out more secrets that the spirits within have to offer. Now go shower. Your sweat disgusts me.”
With that done, Tsubame was forced out of her meditative state. Her physical body was just as soaked as the one she mentally projected and her muscles ached like she had been training all day. She followed Ganesh’s instruction to shower and ate a meal high in protein to help her recovery.

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