Info on Uchiha Nitish

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Info on Uchiha Nitish

Wed May 02, 2018 7:08 am

Name: Uchiha Nitish (SEEKER OF DARKNESS)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: 14/06
Sexuality: Straight
Village: Konoha
Rank: Academy Student

Height: 5'9
Weight: 55
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Red
General Appearance: Nitish is an average looking child, nothing of his appearance is really of any note, save for his height, Nitish is shorter than most boys his age standing around the 5.9 ft mark, this feature is often a subject of ridicule for Nitish. despite his height though he does not stick out. He has fairly dark Red hair and a long frame, one would be forgiven for thinking he didn’t enough hen looking at him. He has soft features that often make him appear younger than he really is, which paired with his height can make for many annoying situations.

In response to his child like appearance he has attempted to dress himself in a manner that would make him look older. Other than his standard issue headband on his forehead, He wears an oversized, blue leather jacket with his father’s old bandana wrapped around the arm. Underneath this jacket, Nitish wears a white T-shirt and black from the centre under his jacket and on his lower body he wears, a Black pants, he also has a simple pair of shinobi footwear on his feet. His mode of dress does not often change unless he is heading to far off climates in which case he will then wear bandage wrappings forehead.

Good Traits:
>Never Fight anyone

Bad Traits:
>consumed by Darkness
>hunger for power

Dreams: To become the strongest Ninja and get avenge on those who killed my family.

Greatest fears:

History: Nitish, his families’ first child and the only living one. This left a rather dark cloud above his family, even the people began to assume his branch was cursed, as if someone did not want them to bring another being into the Uchiha. His father and mother both were talented ninja, both being Jonin and even were respected among the clan for a while. People seen there constant attempts at having a child pathetic, only to give birth to a child who was weak and sick. Too weak to cry at birth or to opens his eyes. The baby would be seen as a freak for quite some time, but the mother and the father loved him dearly as any parent would. They kept him close and in doors, the father growing paranoid as his ruby eyes could be seen luring in the darkness waiting to remove his only child. Year upon year they kept together until Nitish's father was given a mission by his clan, one that involved him delivering a scroll to anther village.

While doing this mission his father was ambushed, but managed to survive with little injury. True his right eye was gone, but this did not hinder him at all. The ambushed was so well place he believed it was set up, he made his way back to the village with haste. Only to catch a masked individual drive a sword through his wife. He fought bravely, but was bested. The man stood over Nitish's feather's body, ready to deal the final blow. No older than the age of 6 Nitish would take his first life. His mother's killer tired and open. Too focused on Nitish's father, the young boy would take this chance to drive a kunai in the man’s back, just deep enough so that when he removed it the man would bleed out. Scared and traumatized from what he had done, a ruby hue would flicker in his eye. Similar to that of blood. He began to scream, tears rolled endless down his face, his father unable to let this continue, to see his own son suffer.
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