Over Hills and Through Forests[Leaving Country]

Located in Northern Tea Country, a majority of the northern portion of this country is either rough, rugged terrain that some farmers have turned into great pastures or rolling hills that have been cleared to make way for farmland. The population in this region is sparse but for the most part life is peaceful here, not due to the absence of 'bad people' but rather the relative proximity to a hidden village (Sound). The 'shinobi' of Sound protect the villagers of these agrarian communities for a price, but their presence is also a source of unease for some. Rumored to be demons and monsters, many of these villagers are superstitious and fearful.

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Over Hills and Through Forests[Leaving Country]

Wed May 16, 2018 1:59 pm

"Hush, Hush. Don't fuss." Yuii whispered into the night, rocking the squirming form of her daughter against her shoulder. Umeko did not sleep easily in strange places, nor without the comforting presence of both her parents nearby. They could not pinpoint when the little girl had developed a fear of being away from her own, but both Yuii and Kaji had struggled with the decision to travel separately from the land of Tea. "Your father will be with us soon, sweet girl. I know, I miss him too." Perhaps that was it, Yuii mused as the creases smoothed from Umeko's face, their toddler may have felt the sorrow each time her parents were forced on separate paths.

The sad truth was that they could not spend every waking moment together. Kumogakure had two very different roles for Yuii and Kaji, and that often meant rushing away to meet demands. Today was Yuii's turn, an urgent request has reached headquarters that only she could handle in person, so she had to go. Kaji was still needed in the south, for the time being, having been a combatant, but she hoped Raiden would will him back soon.

"Today we go over the hills, tomorrow through the trees, then it is only a week across the sea and up the mountains until we are home again. And he will follow us all the way home. You have my word," she whispered, leaning back in the saddle of her slow-trodding mare, "Because love ties us all together Umeko. We cannot lose one another." As Yuii spoke to her, Umeko's black-haired head began to grow heavy. "It's been so long, do you remember the crackle of the snow or the smell of burning cedar in the winter you were born in? The crisp bite of the air or the way the snowflakes dance on the wind? The call of ravens in the night or the dancing stars on a moonless night? I can't wait to remind you.

Umeko grew still, and Yuii sighed in relief. At least this night would have a peaceful moment but there were many more yet to come. There was a week left yet to travel. "There is so much more of the world to see little love and we will do it all as a family. All four of us."

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