Azahara Souma [COM-Leaf]

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Azahara Souma
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Azahara Souma [COM-Leaf]

Postby Azahara Souma Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:25 am

Name: Azahara Souma
Age: 11
Gender: Male
General Description: Souma stands at 152cm(5') with a lean body and slightly taller than average height. Souma has inherited his mother's dark blue eyes, and possesses neck length black hair, which he currently wears in a ponytail with a loose left bang on the side of his face. Souma casually wears black pants, with blue sandals, and an open blue jacket with short sleeves and a tank top underneath. When training, he exchanges his top for a black long sleeved shirt. While he is generally quiet, he is very well mannered and has a kind personality. Souma's aims are to serve the village like his parents had, and as they had helped his mother, believing their kindness should be repaid. Despite this and his kindness, he does not particularly try in making friends, instead sticking to himself, or returning home to assist his mother and other village members. As his mother is a musician, Souma has a fondness for music, although he has not thought of picking it up himself.

History: Azahara's parents were both Leaf Shinobi, however his father was KIA during an anbu ops while his mother was pregnant with him in Konoha, resulting in her becoming a widow, and forced to raise their son on her own. Raising the child alone was difficult at first for her at first, still mourning the loss of her husband, but became easier as some villagers started visiting her, offering their ears or helping her with chores and her son. As Azahara got older, age 6, he became very willing to help out his mother, developing a strong bond with her as they spend more time together. Along with their activities, various village members still came around to visit and help the two, gaining Azahara's admiration for their kindness, as he learns from them the ways they had helped while he was younger. Knowing this, Azahara began to offer his help to them as well when work at his home are complete. Eventually at the age of 9, she decided to start training him, believing his father would've liked him to follow in his footsteps, although he used fire ninjutsu, as opposed to his mother's natural wind affinity. Beginning his training in Wind style ninjutsu, it was found that he too had a natural affinity for wind, quickly accomplishing the basic practices she provided him. Seeing more of herself in him, she started to train him in projectiles. While he proved to be capable, she found that he still needed training, and that he was unable to decide upon a particular type. With their life now relatively stable, and her son being capable of taking care of the house, and himself, his mother returned to the workforce, although as a villager, wanting to remain a home that her son can return to after he becomes a shinobi, and so that she could continue to teach him. At the age of 11, Azahara was accepted and enrolled into the academy, after spending two years training with his mother and the last taking care of the home and still assisting other villagers in his free time.
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Re: Azahara Souma [COM-Leaf]

Postby Umashiashikabihikoji Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:36 pm


Congratulations, you've been accepted to Konohagakure!
Thank you for your patience. :D

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Chakra Control: 0%/50%

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