Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy setting storyline set in the World of Ninjas where feudal daimyo, clans and ninja villages all wage war on each other for money, glory or for a common goal.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

A Search for Youthful Leverage(A Rank Bingo Mission- Mina)


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Nov 1, 2012
[Part One of a Series hopefully]

The Otandai figures it best to pursue this target first amongst the many posted at the old man's tent. Due to the location of the target, a wild woman on the loose so close to where the samurai's rested is certainly not safe for his Young Master. Yet, this makes sneaking away from Masuda Ava easier if this target, Mina, where still nearby. With the information given, the last location the deadly youth had been seen was at The Asylum. Shoma thinks about the possible habits that a lost soul like this might have but, aside from feasting on living flesh he could not think of anything else. Her only successful targets seemed to be people not capable of high level combat. 'Perhaps she has not gone far. Someone dies everyday in a hospital, I believe that is a statistic.'

Using this unfortunate knowledge, the samurai searches the nearby area for a conceivable resting place that the little girl might take up. For three nights, the warrior who is suppose to be on bed rest scans the areas outside of the ward from different rooftop in hope of seeing some movement. And in the daylight hours he would walk outside in search of signs of settlement of one without a home. These methods prove to not be effective. Perhaps there was a flaw in his thinking. 'Hmm, perhaps I should not be looking more for her to act in such a close proximity to so many people, even if many are in a vulnerable state.'

The fourth night, the swordsman would venture into more dark areas of the streets the surround the area in his commoner clothing. This time his eyes search not only for signs of settlement, but for a blood trial and a possible population of rodents. It would be in a alley that seems to be a dead-end that the Stone Shinobi would discover a dried spatter of blood near a garbage pile. He moves closer to find on the other side that several creatures have been butchered and opened. Such a sight is not pleasing to the eye, yet the Samurai is no stranger to carnage. He did not need get closer to inspect it, but focus his sight and scan the deeds of evil. A scratch is heard from his blindside, and he forward to turn and face the sound.

Shoma catches sight of a approaching figure on all fours that attempts to leap at him. It would seem that this one was actually overlooked and passed the samurai without his knowledge. A dodge roll is made to evade the leap attack, and with a better position in regards to distance Shoma determines that this figure is indeed the youth he had been searching for. "You have my pity, child cursed by the darkness," says the samurai as he looks into her red eyes. He knows she could not be reached with words. The Guardian is lightly equipped for this encounter, yet he does not intend to draw blade without absolute need. He draws out a burst bag as the girl stands up rushes him with both claw-covered hands outreached. She does not scream or yell in any way, she just breaths and pants. Shoma throws the burst bag at her and back treads to keep some distance. The bag hits her as she makes no attempt to dodge, causing the mustard gas to be released. Her advance slows as her eyes tear up and she begins to rack the air with her claws in a wild rage. At this time, the Otandai grabs a tin trashcan lid near him and throws it against the far wall. In reaction, Mina turn way from Shoma for a moment as the gas continues to burn her eyes and throat, and with that moment Shoma pulls out a syringe and tackles the Feral Child. He grabs Mina by the waist with both arms, use his right hand to inject her with the toxin before slinging her into a pile of garbage. As she rolls to get up, she lick one of her claws in a panic even though she still seemed to be in from the gas.

Shoma readies a different burst bag this time but as he does, he finds that his forearm had received a sizable gash. Still, he moves forward as the girl's moments seem to slow. "Forgive me for my actions, for I forgive you of yours." He holds no anger for the girl that scratched him, instead, despite all she had done to others and the future Shoma would be saving, he feels a guilty. He throws the second burst bag on Mina to release a sleeping agent upon her. With to sources of sedatives, her will to fight fades and she passes out. With several cords of ninja wire he restrains her. 'A decent start so far.'

[Don't know if I need a runtime but if so...]
{S-rank runtime = 30 minutes.}
Kidnapping Mina for now, if possible.