Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy setting storyline set in the World of Ninjas where feudal daimyo, clans and ninja villages all wage war on each other for money, glory or for a common goal.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

Becoming one with the shadows [Private]

Oct 23, 2012
She didn't miss the light.

Her footsteps were silent as she traversed the strange walkway that would bring her to the main meetinghouse of the Myakashi clan, high in the Mountains. Perched precariously this edifice once housed numerous monks devoted to one of the many Gods that Moon country once worshipped, before a certain group had crushed them to reign and solidify their power. Now, the village named Yamigakure, the village hidden in the dark, lived up to its namesake. Cursed, or so it seemed to those who were not welcome, with strange spiritual energy and an almost vaeceral weight of darkness itself.

Even during the daylight hours there seemed to be a gloom about the place - and Okuni enjoyed it.

Even so her muscles were tense and her blue eyes scanned the area. Migoya was known for his impromptu 'lessons' and it was best be prepared, especially since he had asked her to meet with him this day.

The main meeting hall of the village had recently been restored, the statues that once held images of the Gods Raijiin and Fuujin were now removed, replaced as it were to prevent anyone from easily sneaking on the premises. Indeed, guards were placed around the clock for the Myakashi sealed this place tighter than a ducks behind. She felt the gazes of the guards as she entered - yes they were her family but it was expected to be cautious.

The main hall was dark - the roof itself was lost in the shadows, and the once richly decorated walls now were bare. Here and there the banners of the clan, an inverted pen nib, were hung, mostly to conceal hidden entrances. The main 'statue' of Raijiin had long since been desecrated, and now only its feet remained. Sitting on those feet was a strange wooden puppet, small and delicate.

Eh. Its you. Hes waiting for ya.

"Thank you Mikki-san", Okuni said matter-of-factly, no emotion in her voice. She did not understand the puppet, nor did she feel inclined to do so. He was one of the strange creatures around here that lived in inanimate objects. She had been told off by a broom when she arrived and as such was even more on edge around these... things.

She turned to look at the looming doorway that would lead her to her 'Grandfather', and walked forward into the darkness.

[WC: 377]
Oct 23, 2012
The first thing that struck Okuni was the warmth of the room, in stark contrast to the rest of the large temple. Enveloped, as it were, in a warm hug the room was inviting even before setting foot within it. Her gaze adjusted to the flickering light produced by the large fireplace that dominated one side of the room, sending shadows across what appeared to be a mountain of books and scrolls.

How Myakashi Migoya had acquired such a large amount of records was astounding, and secondly how had he gotten them here…

“Ah Okuni-kun. Welcome. Please - join me.”

The voice was familiar and almost as warm as the room itself. She turned to see where it was coming from and only just noticed the large leather wing-backed chair that was just to the side of the fireplace, hidden in the shadows. A small hint of a breeze passed by her, setting her on edge.

Move it missy - blocking the way and all Mikki ‘imparted’, brushing past her to clamber on top of the chair.

She moved forward, her expert eyes taking in every shadow and movement, picking up the fact that a small pile of books lay next to the chair, clearly having been read due to the ‘bookmarks’ in place. Her ears picked up the sound of shuffling figures, and turning to view them saw strange wooden automatons, picking up books and placing them on shelves. A strange broom seemed to be moving of its own accord, dusting away in annoyance. The room itself felt… otherworldly.

She walked to the side of the chair, looking at the one who sat within for a brief second, before going down to one knee and bowing her head in respect.

“Sofu-sama. I come at your beckoning.”

She felt a cool hand on her head, and the slightest tug on her soul.

“Such formality Okuni-kun. Good - such things are important. Please, sit down. Your grandmother has made a fine goat stew for us to enjoy whilst we discuss… important matters.”

“Yes Sama. Thank you Sama,” she bowed, before moving towards a chair that now appeared on the other side of the fireplace. A bowl of stew lay on a side table, Okuni silently cursing herself that she had not smelt it sooner. Everything here seemed to be intentionally distracting, as if Migoya was protecting himself from even his family. Why though?

She sat silently, knowing that to produce any sort of noise might cause her grandfather a measure of disappointment.

A slight sound of robes moving caught her attention and she turned to look at her ‘grandfather’. Migoya was a young man, but such things were deceptive. His strange features glowed against the fire, especially his crimson eyes as he looked at her… no through her. A small but sad smile played on his features.

“You wonder why I asked for you. Specifically.”
He asked in his strange tone, both gentle and powerful.

She nodded in response.

“I have some tasks that need doing, tasks that only the most skilled may accomplish. Firstly, there is a delivery that needs to be made to the village of Sunagakure. Sealing scrolls containing fresh cadavers to be delivered to a Ryuu Tama. I will impart an image of him to your mind before you go. That is the first task - important, yet easily accomplished.”

“The second is to help one of our agents establish themselves in each of the hidden villages. You are on protection detail until such time as they can become independent.”

“Thirdly, and probably most dangerous, is for you to locate my brothers and follow their orders. Our last communications indicated they were heading to Konoha - I presume they will test out their strength, although I am… worried that Konoha will…” He left the sentence unfinished.

He looked towards the fire, Okuni noting the concern in the corner of his eyes.

“Throughout this we need discord. Disharmony. The great hidden villages are attempting to foster and broker an alliance between themselves. Naturally, such an alliance will fly in the face of any attempts we wish to make to ensure the safety of the common people, as a united shinobi army will unbalance the world. As such, if given the opportunity you will engage any shinobi from the villages utilizing simple identification to cause distrust amongst those villages. Use a leaf headband, a cloud uniform - you get the point. Intercept any communications if you are able to. Do not kill any unless they are the Hokage, Uchiha Takeshi of Leaf, or Uchiha Asuka of Leaf for crimes against the Myakashi. The others, let them go with a threat from another village.”

Okuni nodded, understanding what was being asked of her. It was not hers to question Migoya’s orders - clarification would come later.

“Let my brothers know of this should you meet with them. They are free to do what they will of course, and probably will,” he said with a wry chuckle.

“Yes Sofu-sama”, Okuni responded, her voice giving away nothing.

“Do you have any questions?”

“No Sofu-sama”.

Migoya looked at her, a measure of tenderness in his features - something that only few would actually witness.

“Thank you. It is through the efforts of the clan that those who which to oppress the weak can be punished. Finish your meal, take whatever supplies you need. I will organise the others for you to travel with. You leave in three days.”

“Yes Sofu-sama”

Migoya gave a nod to her and a smile, before picking up a nearby book and looking over its pages, the glow from the fireplace once again casting shadows around the room. Okuni took this for what is was - her audience had finished.

Her tasks though had just begun.

[WC: 962]
Oct 23, 2012
For a normal person there might seem a measure of excitement, or fear, or even trepidation but such emotions were pointless at this point in time, and Okumi simply accepted that she had received what was, at least in her perspective, a rather simplistic mission to be completed.

Delivery. Babysitting. Recovery.

It was going to be dull, but duty tended to be the death of excitement, and as such she was resigned to her fate. Perhaps she might run into a foolish shinobi and gather her own measure of excitement? In any event, she had her tasks.

The warmth of Migoya’s study was keenly felt as she returned once more to the main hall of the structure. Her gaze rested on the shattered statues that once were so important to the people of this place. Nothing seemed to remain and nothing was constant in this world unless you had the strength to keep it that way.

He likes you, ya’know came the irritating voice.

“Very good.”

I mean - its important what hes asking ya to do. He wouldn't trust just anyone.

“Thank you”

It wasn't a compliment, just an observation. Don't stuff it up - Migo’s kinda… sensitive. He has grand plans and everyone seems to always go off and do the complete opposite of what he wanted, and then he has to clean it all up Mikki let the words linger. Something had deeply effected him, and it seemed as if Migoya didn’t know what it was. A loss perhaps.

“I do not fail.”

Yeah well. The puppet disappeared into the darkness once more, to the slight relief of Okumi. She turned and walked outside - there was much to organise.

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