Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy setting storyline set in the World of Ninjas where feudal daimyo, clans and ninja villages all wage war on each other for money, glory or for a common goal.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

Casual Kill[Solo]

Honma Kotone

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Oct 8, 2012

Koho, dressed in her exuberant attire of red Victorian dress, had found herself perched on a rather dazzling pathetic room awaiting 'permission' to leave the village. In actual fact, she and her company were leaving regardless, but this gave her the opportunity to meet an official of Suna. It wouldn't be long till her presence was gone from this disgusting place, from these commoners that had long since forgotten where they belong. "How drab." She would say coldly, her snow white face scanning the room with sharp blues, cocking her attention at the door; which was being gingerly opened by a servant of the Kage. Koho wasn't a friendly person, nor a regular human being with feelings and such, and, well, one should mention that before continuing onward.

A girl entered, her hair split with deprivation and greasy over time, she shakily walked towards the over-dressed woman and offered a serving of tea. Much to her surprise, she was met with a sharp pain in her abdomen. Koho, without looking, had revealed her loyal blade, Kosodoro, and jabbed its blackened tip backwards; impaling the young girl before she could even react. The 3rd held the handle of Kosodoro, plainly staring at the desk that lay before her, with wide eyes as she felt the young pup wiggle and escape from the blade's reach. The sound of her flesh being scored finally, when she moved back, was quite appealing to the killer's ears. "Do not address me so commonly, peasant." Koho would smile, her scarlet lips parting to reveal beautiful whites. The woman would stand, moving towards the mucky girl before bringing Kosodoro down upon her again.

This time, the score on her body was much more severe, as the blade cut through the young girl's neck. Why, why attack someone without due cause?

"I hate being burdened by lateness."

Koho would perform several slashing motions against the air, which caused the blood to be removed forcibly, and then returning the blackened blade back into its sheathe. The woman would not bother hiding the murder, nor worry a hint about anyone seeing her, would leave the office with the same, somber and cold, expression upon her face.

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Sunahoshi Suzaku

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Aug 24, 2012
Kill Switch
They say dead men tell no tales.

It was a popular saying among the criminal element of Wind Country; a dead witness could never implicate the perpetrators of any given game. Murder was almost as popular of a sport as theft in Sand and normally the Sennin of the ANBU Corps would not have even bothered investigating one that had happened on the street. People died every single day in the slums. Some were beggers run down by their betters simply passing through the area. Others were gang bangers caught up in one territory scuffle or another-- they were becoming more common as of late. But a murder in the Kazekage Tower? That was something which attracted Mikaboshi's attention immediately. The Kazekage Tower was mostly without locked doors and guards for it didn't need them. Most of the staff were trained shinobi and any criminals foolish enough to try and steal from the government of Sunagakure would assuredly find themselves at the waiting blades of trained killers who were commonly raised from young ages to do just that.

And that conclusion of course begged an even more interesting question; who would walk into one of the most central places of this city and make an enemy out of them?

Immediately upon arriving at the scene of the grisly murder the scent of dried blood hit Mikaboshi's nostrils meaning there would be quite a lot of it but more importantly it told him that it was old. The kill certainly wasn't fresh which was unfortunate but there was nothing to be done about it. Discovered late into the evening by the change of shift, the victim had apparently been a young woman in her early twenties. A whelp, Mikaboshi had come to understand. He had only in recent months spent any time familiarizing himself with things like the human lifespan and life cycle of this age. Their life expectancy had increased a great deal since his era but that was to be expected to some level. As they had grown and gained mastery over not only their surroundings but over manipulation of their bodies through both chakra magic but also science and medicine humanity had managed to conquer many hurdles that once had kept them as savages. Stepping into the room where the murder had occurred, Mikaboshi examined the scene in solitary silence. All others had been removed from the scene and several ANBU kept the area quarantined to prevent any further tampering with the scene.

The first thing that had hit Mikaboshi's mind was still the place of the murder. Nobody remembered having seen anyone any more or less suspicious than shinobi tended to be and most of the personnel that walked the halls of the Tower were armed to some level. Many shinboi-- and indeed the Steward-Kazekage himself --were seldom seen without their weaponry and armor. That meant that it would have been easy to blend in while carrying a potential armory with them into the offices and didn't give Mikaboshi much to go on. Witnesses were worthless in this regard. But that didn't mean he had nothing to go on to investigate the murder. While there were no true witnesses, the scene of the crime itself told a story to the eyes of the ANBU Sennin as he examined first the state of the corpse of the young woman. Mikaboshi had been assured that it hadn't been moved since it's discovery and he believed that. There was no "pool" where the headless portion of the corpse lay on the ground as the carpet had devoured as much of it as it could handle but the blood certainly had found a way to make a large mess in the process. There were streaks of blood away from where the corpse was as well but for the time being, Mikaboshi simply deliberated on the wounds. She had very few actual wounds; the obvious being her missing head but also a wound in her abdomen as well implying that she had been stabbed. Judging from the placement of the wound, likely before she'd been beheaded. Kneeling next to where she lay-- Mikaboshi had been told her name before he'd gone in to investigate but he'd already forgotten it --his eyes narrowed at first. If not for the beheading, Mikaboshi would have likely have just dismissed this as a random act of violence from a moron. A wound in the abdomen-- while extremely painful --was not a mortal one. Any warrior which sought a wound like that did so for two reasons; either it was the least guarded portion on their well-guarded opponent's body or they wished to make their victim suffer. Otherwise it was mostly a useless wound. But the beheading was something much more interesting. Moving his attention away from the abdominal stab he appraised the damage done to her stump of a neck and found something interesting; it was clean cut. That meant that the head had been severed in a single strike with a razor sharp weapon. That meant sword or axe. While a large enough knife would be able to do terrible damage to the neck of a human being it would have been a much messier affair if that had been the case and the room simply wasn't big enough for anything like a pole weapon or scythe which was a common favorite of shinobi. He'd ruled out chakra-based methods of death almost immediately. While there existed techniques that could have been precise enough to do what had been done to the girl at Mikaboshi's feet any moderate expenditures of chakra in that manner would have been sensed by the higher-level shinobi in the facility. Just the same, Mikaboshi made a mental note to re-assess the possibility by inquiring again with any sensor-types that had been present in the building earlier in the day at a later date.

Those two facets of information together coupled together to produce a pair of conclusions. Firstly, the person who'd murdered the girl was likely quite skilled. Removing someone's head in a single stroke was the move of a master of their weapon, not a journeyman. That meant skilled assassin, very likely a shinobi or someone of similar talent and training. Secondly, the murderer was of a cruel disposition. The first attack had not been intended to kill but to maim. To hurt. There was no other reason for such a wound. Especially not if the killer's next move had been to remove the girl's head. They'd intended to cause their victim great pain before they took her life. Unfortunately the profile of cruel shinobi applied to a great deal of them-- including Mikaboshi himself, after a fashion. An unfortunate side-affect of training children from a young age to take lives and wield great power was that it often went to their heads and warped their senses of reality. It molded them into metaphorical monsters. But it did give him something to work off of. He felt confident in assuming that this hadn't been a pointed message to anyone in the government as the victim would likely have been someone more important than a mundane secretary but it served to teach a good lesson for the ANBU Sennin. In his intent to subdue the criminal powers of Sunagakure he'd been overlooking the possible cancerous element of Sunagakure's own number. His predecessor had been of the virtuous sort and would have actively sought to excise such a perpetrator from Sunagakure's ranks and set them up with some fine lodgings within the sub floors of the Obsidian Shell. Standing back up to his full height, Mikaboshi allowed himself another moment to look over the scene and once more the splatters of blood which were some distance away from where the corpse had spilled the majority of it's blood caught his eye. Armed with the assessment that he'd made before, Mikaboshi settled his earlier indecision between an axe or a sword being the murder weapon. Axes were great cleaving weapons and were excellent for such tasks as removing heads as the weight of the weapon allowed it's wielder to put a great deal of momentum into their swings. But as Mikaboshi stepped away from the corpse and stalked closer to the blood splatters on the floor he recalled some of the knowledge he'd learned from studying his predecessor's manuals on human criminality and martial habits. He recognized the stains as being likely flicked from the blade of a sword after having been sheathed in blood.

Turning his eyes to the ceiling in thought Mikaboshi reviewed what he'd gleaned from the scene. It was all conjecture of course but Mikaboshi had been killing for a very long time and considered himself quite good at it. While he was hardly a master of human killing techniques, he was familiar enough with them to trust his assessment of the corpse. Ultimately he was dealing with a killer of particular cruelty that was well-trained in the killing arts and favored a sword. It was certainly still possible that the butcher was capable of wielding other weapons as well but taking a head in such a manner as had been done here was not a task easily performed by one wielding a weapon which they were unfamiliar with. Sadly still that description fit a fair amount in the village but it gave him a starting point from which to move in his investigation. Looking back down at the corpse of the girl whose name Mikaboshi could not be bothered to remember he could not help but look forward to meeting this person who had so brazenly killed in the house of the Steward, so to speak. Cruel but efficient with little care for human life, he thought as he turned and began to leave the room with intent to instruct his ANBU to get it cleaned up and the body disposed of.

He liked this butcher already.

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