Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy setting storyline set in the World of Ninjas where feudal daimyo, clans and ninja villages all wage war on each other for money, glory or for a common goal.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

Expanding the Mind [SSM: A-Rank] [RUNIC TERRAN]

Yamanaka Shusuke

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Oct 22, 2012
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The Oracle's Library, though a newer structure carried with it thousands of years worth of knowledge. Each tome hand written by a member of the order describing events and heroes of lore. Each large book contained information which could take an entire lifetime to memorize and master, but those within this order have knowledge of many of such tomes. That was what Shin's goal was today to ,meet with a member of the legendary order to learn more about what it takes to lead a clan. His blue eyes shined in the Sunan sun as he walked across the desert landscape towards the large marvel of architecture.

Pressing his hand against the door he would make his way into a large open layout of a three story library. This section was open to the public but the Overseer suspected that there was more to this library than what met the eye. Walking down the main section to the back where the stairs were he would make his way up to the second floor. This floor was dedicated to the true facts of Sunagakure. Running hsi fingers across the spines of varying books. He stopped once he reached the section dedicated to the Chikamtsu Clan. A grin on his face would appear as he reached out and pulled out the first volume. Looking through its pages it appeared that this tome was filled with information about how the nomadic tribe of flower worshipers first became members of the First Men that became Sunagakure, but it did not seem to mention anything about the Yurei Orchid, nor any details about the workings of the Inner Circle. Letting out a sigh the young blond would once again take to his feet and place the large book back into it's designated slot.

Hours passed as Shin continued to read about his clan but he could not find any information regarding the Yurei Orchid, nor the power that came from it. Perhaps the clan had kept it a secret from the Oracles, but in doing so have prevented the next generation from learning more about it as well. Letting out a sigh of exhaustion Shin was beating himself down for being away from the village for so long knowing that he was the top candidate to become the next Overseer. Just as Shin was about to leave the Oracle's Library a young shrouded woman would approach him. "Shin.'</COLOR><i></i>

Raising his eyebrow the Medic Nin would look up to face her curiously as he didn't know how she knew him. Her face was completely covered in a cloth with the exception of her emerald colored eyes. "Yes?"<i></i> He responded hesitatantly

"Come with me, I have something that you may find interesting."<i></i> As she spoke she would turn around and begin to walk away, but her body seemed to glide much like a phantom spirit.

Rising from his chair he would follow the cloaked woman as she would take him to the first floor. Making their way to one of the side entrances she would place her hand on the wall causing a hidden passage to open up. "Where are we going?"<i></i> He asked in a soft voice as the section of shelving slowly raised revealing a spiraling stairwell going into a lower level. "I do not like this brother."<i></i> Kohana's thought would seep into Shin's mind as she also could see what was happening.

the woman before him shifted to look back at him. "You shall see."<i></i> That's all she would say before she would make her way down the steps. Vanishing from sight the sounds of her foot steps would begin to trickle off into nothing. The Overseer would let out a sigh before following her down the stairs.

A few minutes passed as he continued down the dark stairwell before entering a room lit by small candles that were fluttering around the room. Between the Medic Nin and the mysterious was a table that had a large empty scroll. "I have been watching you Shin of the Chikamatsu Clan. As the Overseer you need much more than this library can offer you. I am offering you access to the secret sanctum that is accessible to the Oracles alone. Do you wish to gain this access?"<i></i>]

Shin would take a second before a grin would take to his face. Raising both hands to his side in a non-confrontational gesture. "But of course, why wouldn't I want access to more knowledge?"<i></i> As those words came from his mouth the room would begin to fill with fluttering blue butterflies.

Raising her arms up the butterflies would begin to circling around the Oracle. "So be it."<i></i> The the blue wings of the butterflies would begin to shrink down as the bodies of the small mechanical butterflies would prance about the large scroll. The words would begin to write the secrets of the Annals of the Conqueror. انظر إلى هذا التمرير وتعلم أسراره! As she spoke the the words she said went from sounding like gibberish to words he could understand. The words that were written would begin to flutter up and around entomb Shin. The words would land on his skin and absorb into his being as he gained a mastery of the language before him.

<COLOR color="orange">"ماذا حدث؟"<i></i> The Overseer would say in the ancient tongue, but as the words came out he seemed surprised.

"That is Runic Terran, the ancient tongue of the First Men. It was the first step to see if you were worthy of learning the secrets of the Oracles. Now, to gain anything in this life you must first sacrifice."<i></i> Gesturing to the once again blank scroll she would continue. "You must give me all that you know about your clan's secret source of power."<i></i> Her eyes would narrow, showing the seriousness in her demand.

"Shin. Don't."<i></i> Kohana's voice chimed in. "I have to. I must learn more in order to guide our clan..."<i></i> He retorted to her mental comment. Raising his hand he formed a quill out of his ink chakra.

"So be it."<i></i> And thus, he began to write. Every aspect he knew about his clan and his Seal of the Yurei Orchid would become recorded onto this large scroll. Minutes began to feel like hours as he continue to write.

It had taken quite some time but once he had finished the quill would vanish, back into chakra, and Shin would look up to the woman. "There. That's everything I know as of now."<i></i> Taking a step back He would raise a hand in a rather sassy manner. "Now it's time to fulfill your end of the bargain."<i></i>

"Excellent. I am the Oracle's Shadow, and from hence forth you shall be an Oracle as well."<i></i> Extending her hand she would drop four mechanical caterpillars that would wiggle out onto the large filled scroll. The words written would turn blue and begin to peel off of the parchment and begin to entomb the caterpillars in a crystal like chakra cocoon. "You shall be known as the Oracle's Plague from here on out."<i></i> Portions of her lang flowing dark fabric would tear away from her dress as they would flutter around the Overseer. Cutting him slightly the pieces of cloth would begin to form a mask that resembled the face of a large raven. Entombing his entire body the man's outfit now looked like a medieval man of medicine

Pulling her hand up to her face she would unlatch the piece of cloth that was hiding her identity. "Kumomi-san?"<i></i> Shin asked in shock, but all he received back was idle. No reaction to his discovery, but instead she would just step up to him. From here on out your identity within this Order is utmost secrecy. No one can know your true identity as you now have access to information that could destroy entire nations."<i></i> As she finished speaking she would reach up and move Shin's mask to the side of his head to expose his face. "Open your mouth, I have one more blessing to grant you before you can begin your research as the Oracle's Plague."<i></i>

Confused Shin's mouth would slightly open, but it did not matter as Kumomi's fingers would begin to glow as she reached up and placed them in his mouth. "This seal will allow you the mastery of Formal Runic Terran. It may take some time for you to distinguish the two in use, but this is a language that is only available to the Order."<i></i> Pulling her hand from his mouth she woud turn around and take just a few steps before stopping. "Meet with Toraono Kuro, and do us proud."<i></i> And as she spoke she would fade into thousands of tiny mechanical insects that flew from the room allowing Shin to search for the information he had originally came for.

Look upon this scroll and learn its secrets!
What happened?