Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy setting storyline set in the World of Ninjas where feudal daimyo, clans and ninja villages all wage war on each other for money, glory or for a common goal.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

Fast And The Normalist [contract search]

Migi Jakki

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Jan 11, 2021
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Sitting on one of the benches, I was watching one of the contract beast racing going on just a few seats below me. Basically the race was a simple Sprint or what some people call a cannonball run. There wasn't laps it was a simple one way run to the finish line, Shinobi's pretty much mount their contracts or let the contracts themselves run if they bipets though the bipedal contracts are known to have a disadvantage since the ones that could be mounted had a Shinobi riding on their back buffing them up. The race for the night was a snake versus a huge rat. They had armor tagged with some graffiti on them to make them look cool, the two Shinobi riding them looked like crazed road warriors as they raised their fist up to get the spectators fired up. I placed my bet against the snake since the rat seemed better for a sprint like competition. Sure the snake could strike fast, but I was having some doubts if it could sprint forward faster than a rat. It was a dope looking snake though, just have a few doubts in its racing capabilities.

Once the crowd was hyped for the race, a woman about as buff as an ape and with an eye patch wearing some cool looking black armor with spikes walked to the side of the road that the racers were on who was probably the hostess of this lovely event. The nomadic woman was clutching a microphone in her massive fist then began to growl into it to make the crowd quiet down. "Hello yooou shitheads~ are you bastards ready to see a little mouse outrun a snake!" she yelled through yellowed teeth.

The crowd started to roar in excitement again! The snake would then hiss, making the guy riding it pull at it's chain making the snake jerk back. "COMMON BOY!" the man yelled at the snake to get it under control. The man would carelessly look over at the rat then laugh, taunting his opponent who wasn’t really paying attention the him. I had to hand it to ratman, he had more style than snake man but that was from what I was seeing here at least

The man riding the massive rat injected it with something that made the beast eyes go completely dark then it screeched! Clawing at the air as the beast in which the rider would then pull it's collar to calm the thing down. He looked at the man riding the snake, saying something along the lines of good luck or see you on the other end but ol snakeman continued with his taunts while looking at the finish line ahead. Acting as though this guy was not even worth his time. It was right then when I started to feel thankful that I didn’t go with my first mind and placed my bet on the snake. It was that kind of attitude that I hated the most, the sort of oh I’m better than you vibe was a easy way to make me pop off. Now I was hoping for this guy to lose, a bad loss that would make him red with anger and embarrassment. That's the kind of ass whooping that I was wishing for this guy. ’Save the boasting for the finish line, hotshot.’ I thought to myself. Imagining what I would do if that was to ever happen to me if I was up there racing.

I smirked, leaning forward as the two animals began to bite at one another but they were pulled away from one another by their riders so the two beasts will look in front of them… the finish line was what the two contract racers were focused on. Once they were ready it was time for them to get a move on, now it was time to see if my investment was good or not. The woman stood in the center of the road, the two dessert psychos hyping up the crowd which made me smirk as the roars of the crowd got louder. This was definitely my kind of place.

The woman with a deathly serious look upon her scarred face raised her fist raised up high in the air about to start the countdown: the two road samurai’s yanking at the collars of the two beasts getting their mounts ready. This was it, time to see what this rat could really do. There were no more insults, no hyping of the crowd at least from the woman or the racers. All I could see from above was the hand of the woman looking as though it was moving, the crowd around me did the counting for the racers. One, two, three….. GO!

The two beast took off, the rat like I first believed was faster when it began its quick dash forward but the snake was gaining on him. I got up from my seat then began yelling for the rat to hurry but someone pulled me back down in my seat since I was blocking their view but I didn’t care too much since I was still yelling at the rat almost like it was me up there coaching the damn thing to move. The snake slithering right next to the rodent kind of threw the rat off its game for a moment, the snakes head bumped against one of the rats legs since the race was pretty close so when the reptile did one of those S slithers across the sand it made the rodient stumble for a moment allowing the snake to take the lead. At this point I was made at the beast for cheating but technically a little ‘rubbing’ as they call it was okay in this race. I yelled, trying to get the damn rat to go but now the thing was getting further and further behind since now it was trying to be more careful now to not bump into the snake again. Before I knew it, the snake crossed the finish line, doing a little coil once it was finished so it could look back at the rat who was finishing last - all with a shit eating grin in which I knew for sure it was sharing with its rider. At this point I was pissed since I just lost some yen to a freaking snake in the grass cheater and even the guy riding the rat approached the winner about the throw blows; but the poor guy was dragged out by some buff looking women in viking attire along with the loser of a rat he had. I gave the guy who was riding the snake a little glare before pushing past people to make my way away hoping that the guy gets assassinated or shot off that damn snake he had since the guy just messed him out of a hell of a payday because he cheated!

Now I would be the first to admit that I wasn’t really a good loser. Never had been. Couldn’t stand not winning at something because at this point I was a nobody in Suna. But that guy…. Snakeskin is what I’ll call him cheated and I honestly took it personal. It was legit like he knew that I would be betting and as a good ol’ welcome to the gutter, he did some bull to mess me out of yen. A couple months of work stolen from me by some guy wanting to play hotshot. If only I could manage to get me a contract beast to teach that particular guy a lesson, maybe poison the snake that guy had or whatever to see how he felt being on the receiving end of someone else's ego. So that’s exactly what I did, started looking into getting a contract beast so I can start a little racing myself. The weapon gig that I had with lucky was kneat but to be honest everyone had a little something on the side so might as well go from being a spectator to the guy down there racing.

The desert expanse was where most of the bandits and nomads find their contracts from, this terrain is still not without its dangers. The occasional wild beast as small as a dune hare to something far, far bigger. Those who trek this particular zone of the desert best come prepared for the absolute worst but I wasn’t an academy student anymore. I felt as ready as I needed to be so I continued down the dessert, summoning my Terran from one of my ninja scrolls to scan the area looking for something useful while also keeping an eye out for any dangers. While contract beast could be found out here, I did need to be aware that there are things out here that will probably want to do me in. Bandits could see me as an easy cash grab or the nomads here would probably roast me for dinner. This was a big risk I was taking coming around here but I think it would be worth it once my hands were on the right kind of stead.

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