Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy setting storyline set in the World of Ninjas where feudal daimyo, clans and ninja villages all wage war on each other for money, glory or for a common goal.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

Frigid Waters [Entering Country]


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Oct 22, 2012
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Having never ventured to Water Country before the Great Freeze, Kasen was unprepared as she ventured through the waters. At some point the shark she was traveling on began to slow down due to the frigid icy waters. It became too dangerous for it to proceed forward and Kasen had to ultimately let it swim back to it's home waters. Kasen continued on foot from there, creating paths of ice with a steady stream of jutsu to help her walk across the landscape. In the distance she saw what looked like piers, coated in thick chunks of ice and damaged beyond use. When she reached land, her feet made small thuds against the icy ground. The temperature was almost unbearable and she wished she had packed slightly warmer clothes. She would have to make due with what she had though. She could feel the chill all the way down to her core and her breath fogged in front of her for every ice filled inhale and exhale she took. The only sound she could hear was the shrill winds that whipped around her and the occasional chatter of her sharp teeth. This was where she had been given the tip that there was another facility that existed here. But how? What could possibly survive in this? There was just no way. Still, she had to pursue this. She pressed forward, into the icy unknown terrain and ever growing cold she was met with.

[Travel Time: 60 minutes(1 Hour)]
[Topic Left/Country Entered after the duration passes unless stopped]