Ninpocho Chronicles

Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy-ish setting storyline, set in an alternate universe World of Ninjas, where the Naruto and Boruto series take place. This means that none of the canon characters exists, or existed here.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

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Mission and Class Rules

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Jan 15, 2013
Mission Rules
  • Mission, and Class threads that come with OOC rewards all are in this category.
  • Missions take up your Mission slot. Classes take up the Class slot ((cannot be the same topic))
    • One may perform a Self-Modded Solo Mission and still partake in another Mission.

Basic Rules
  • Missions take a mission slot. Read more on RP slots here
  • Self-Modded Solo Missions do not take up a mission slot (in other words, you can be on a modded mission AND a self-modded solo mission at the same time).
  • Mission Mods receive mission rewards. Mission Mods may take no more than 4 modded missions on at once but they may only participate in one with their PC at any given time.
  • S Rank Missions are assigned by Sennins and the Kage only; or by an alternative system determined by the Council but the prerequisites of the mission and the rewards earned are the same.
  • One Council Member or person pre-approved by the Council (such as a Mission Mod) must pre-approve mission requests.
  • Bounties can be issued by Village Councils to collect a Missing or errant villager. Payment equals the target's OOC rank in pay as a solo mission without combat and triple the target's OOC rank in pay as a modded group mission split between the successful bounty hunters if a complete modded battle takes place.
  • Councils may determine their own procedures for approving missions.
  • The rewards for all missions, classes and tutors are all eligible to be requested within 7 days of completion.
  • "Completion" specifically refers to from the date the moderator, teacher or sensei of the thread posts and specifies that the thread is over. (your departure from the thread isn't counted in this 7 day limit)
  • If your sub or main account is participating in a mission being modded or taught by the other account, they relinquish rewards for it. You cannot gain rewards to both accounts.

  • What is a Mission and how do I apply for one?
    • A Mission is a type of thread that can be done alone, or with others, and with or without a moderator. These are RPs that can be done in a single post or several which ultimately have to be approved by your Village Council before and after completion. These missions should be requested in your Village Request Board, giving a brief overview of what the Mission will entail.
  • How many Missions can I do in a week?
    • A user is allowed to perform Missions twice a week; the first giving the normal reward and the second giving only half that.
    • Players may also perform one mission with 2x the word count in order to gain the rewards of having done two missions. This still only yields half rewards for the second mission.
  • What Rank of Mission can I perform?
    • A user may only perform a mission of their current OOC Rank or lower.
      • Example: John Ninpocho is of the C-Rank OOCly, so John Ninpocho may perform E-Rank through C-Rank Missions.
  • Are there any restrictions on Missions?
    • S-Rank Missions without a moderator, do not require the IC approval of a Kage/Sennin to give S-Rank rewards, however, ICly these missions only count as B-Rank.
  • Can I have someone in my Solo-Self Modded Mission topic and RP with them?
    • Yes, however they do not gain any benefits.
  • Where can I put my Mission rewarded Stat points?
    • Everywhere in your own stats Meaning you can also put them into your Advanced Shop points!
  • Does the Mission Moderator get paid as well?
    • Yes! The Mission Moderator receives the same as a member.
  • Can a self-modded solo mission be done over the course of multiple weeks?
    • Yes! However, you will have to get pre-approval for each week of the mission.
  • What are the rewards for a mission?
    • On missions with teams involved, the mission leader will receive a bonus payment of 2500 Yen per rank of the mission.
    • Example: John Ninpocho is mission leader of a B-rank mission. Therefore he gets 10000 Yen in bonus.
    Mission without a Moderator
    • E-Rank: 5000 Yen
    • D-Rank: 10000 Yen
    • C-Rank: 15000 Yen
    • B-Rank: 20000 Yen
    • A-Rank: 25000 Yen
    • S-Rank: 30000 Yen
    Mission with a Moderator
    • E-Rank: 15000 Yen, and 35 stat points or ASP (Mission Moderator gets +10)
    • D-Rank: 20000 Yen, and 45 stat points or ASP (Mission Moderator gets +15)
    • C-Rank: 25000 Yen, and 55 stat points or ASP (Mission Moderator gets +20)
    • B-Rank: 30000 Yen, and 65 stat points or ASP (Mission Moderator gets +25)
    • A-Rank: 35000 Yen, and 75 stat points or ASP (Mission Moderator gets +30)
    • S-Rank: 40000 Yen, and 85 stat points or ASP (Mission Moderator gets +35)
  • What is the required word count for a mission?
    Mission without a moderator
    • E-Rank: 250 Words
    • D-Rank: 300 Words
    • C-Rank: 350 Words
    • B-Rank: 400 Words
    • A-Rank: 450 Words
    • S-Rank: 500 Words
    Mission with a moderator
    • E-Rank: 500 Words
    • D-Rank: 550 Words
    • C-Rank: 600 Words
    • B-Rank: 650 Words
    • A-Rank: 700 Words
    • S-Rank: 750 Words

Failed Mission Rewards
If the missions is deemed to be failed, either by not meeting the objective as lined out when applying for the mission, or by the mission mod deeming it failed, the rewards are halved.
  • Example: John Ninpocho fails his non-moderated B-rank mission. The mission had hit 2x word count, so he'd ordinarily be eligible for 30000 Yen. But as it's a failed mission, that's halved to 15000.

If A Mod Quits the Mission
If at any point the mod of a mission is unable to continue the mod, the players have three options. They must reach a majority vote to decide on one of these.
  • They may opt to take failed mission rewards, but they still have to have reached post and WC requirements for this.
  • They may choose to request a new mod.
  • One of the players may take over as the new mod.
    • If the single player who takes over remains in the mission with their PC, this turns the mission into a Team Self-Modded Mission. Upon completion, the players would be rewarded for a Team Self-Modded Mission instead of a Team Modded Mission.
    • If the new mod chooses to have their PC leave the mission, they will instead get paid mod rewards upon mission completion and the other players will receive normal Team Modded Mission rewards.
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Jan 15, 2013
Post-Mission threads
As trained ninja, we will often have an assortment of things that need to be done after a mission, such as getting a checkup at the hospital from a Mednin, debriefing obtained intelligence with ANBU, or handling your post-mission paperwork with the Main Branch. Mission participants are entitled to a reward for these threads, as well as the branch member handling the event.
Basic Rulings
  • This thread can only be done right after a Mission has been completed. A thread must be started within a 7 day period of the user submitting their final post of a mission, and leaving it.
  • The user gains payment equal to Mission Leader bonus.
  • The Branch Member receives pay equal to the Mission Leader bonus.
    • If a Branch Member handles more than one player from the same mission, the Branch Member gains 50% rewards from each player after the first that is handled.
    • No more than one Post-Mission Thread can be run at a time for rewards.
    • A Branch Member may designate a Post-Mission Thread as a [Free RP] topic and receive no reward.
    • Important: At least single Council Member or approved user who can give mission rewards must look over the thread before the reward can be approved of.

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Jan 15, 2013
Teaching and Mentoring System
Some shinobis have been around for a long time, they have seen things that one would think to find only in legends. Some have taken to teaching Academy Students while others have taken on a pupil who would one day carry on their works. Even a well-trained and experienced shinobi can sometimes find a master.

A player may be in as many [CLASS] threads as they have RP slots, but may only gain the reward from a single [CLASS] thread per week

  • Who is considered to be a Teacher?
    • Anyone of Genin (with council permission) or above rank may teach.
    • Academy Students (regardless of OOC rank), and E-Ranked players, may not teach.
  • Who is considered to be a Student?
    • Anyone who is of the Academy Student rank, or same/lower OOC rank than the teacher.
  • How many Class topics can I do?
    • As many as you'd like. However, a person may only receive rewards for a single [Class] thread per week.
  • Can I do multiple [Class] threads in a single week, and then wait to claim them later?
    • Technically yes, rewards may only be claimed within 7 days of their completion, so it depends entirely on when you complete them.
  • At least 1 teacher
  • At least 1 student
  • A thread labeled [CLASS].
    • A user can only teach or be a student/pupil in one thread at a time, this occupies the [CLASS] RP slot.
  • Each participant must make a minimum of 5 posts in the thread.
  • Each participant must meet the minimum word count of 1000 words.
  • Success of the thread (in regards to content) is determined by the Council or those the Council designates capable of approving [CLASS] threads.
  • Class Teaching: A +1x modifier to their training within 7 days of the thread being completed for BOTH the teacher and the student(s) plus an additional +2000 yen for the teacher per student.
  • [Class] Rewards may only be claimed within 7 days as well.
The use of NPC's
  • An NPC may be used to teach Classes. This MUST be approved by the players council each time they intend to use an NPC this way.
  • A member CANNOT teach only themselves through the use of NPC's.
  • A member CANNOT teach their sub account with their main or another sub account, nor can they teach their main account with a sub account.
  • A member CAN use an NPC to teach a class their PC is involved in if at least 1 other member is in this thread. However, they must choose between teacher or student rewards (they do not receive both)
  • At no point can a player receive extra rewards beyond what they are allowed normally through the use of NPC's.

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