Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy setting storyline set in the World of Ninjas where feudal daimyo, clans and ninja villages all wage war on each other for money, glory or for a common goal.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

Mission Parkour burglars vs skateboard ninja


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Jan 27, 2021
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Ever had that feeling of wanting that one day to chase down bad guys because they stole some stuff from the general goods store? No? Well that certainly wasn't Kana's intentions as she was slurping down a slushie, careful not to get a brain freeze with her skateboard resting by her side. Just as she finished her frozen delight, she heard men yelling and some guys busted out of the store with backpacks and masks on. Geez, can't a girl enjoy a day without criminals around?

It was apparent that these fools had trained in the art of running away as they seem to vault over edges and scale up the buildings without the use of chakra. Kana had no time to react, she grabbed her skateboard and rolled on after them on the slightly busy streets of Oak District. She weaved to and fro, grinding off guard rails, biding her time to find a fast and efficient way to get to the roofs of buildings while not losing momentum, all while still drinking away her slushie. And there it was. A cart tipped over in just the right angle to provide the likes of a ramp. Kana sped up and launched off of it with her skateboard, grabbing the bottom of it so that gravity doesn't separate her from her reliable weapon. And with a satisfactory thud, the wheels of her skateboard landed on the top of the building.

"The hell?" Kana activated her Byakugan so she won't waste time moving her head to see where they went. To her surprise, she has apparently been keeping up with them for some time. She skated towards them as they broke out in a run again, vaulting, flipping, and jumping through areas Kana wouldn't think she can do, much less two full grown adults. She sped up, trying to make up for lost ground as she had to skate around certain obstacles, and that's when she finally found some luck. As the men jumped from one building to another, Kana's Byakugan eyes caught sight of a slight ramp that they used to jump. She figured, eh, why not.

The girl launched herself in the air and made a few quick hand seals, before grabbing her skateboard again. She turned her head away and shot an air bullet out of her mouth. That caused momentum as her and the skateboard sped to the other building, landing, before Kana flipped the skateboard up in her free hand and whacked one of the burglars with as much force as she can muster and knocked him out cold. While she did that though the other burglar took that as an opportunity to keep running.

He jumped off the building, his hands catching a bar that he used with momentum to swing to a further building, where he climbed through a window with ease. Kana knows that she can't lose him here. All while that's happening, the Hyuuga jumped back on her skateboard and rolled on after him, jumping from one building onto the top of an advertisement sign, grinding and showing off her skateboard skills in the process. She saw the window approaching fast. She only had one chance at this. By this time, the man had already gone through the window and Kana jumped holding onto her skateboard as she went. Frankly, it was all luck that she made it through that window, but she was now face to face with the only other criminal that made her run, erm skate, all over Oak District.

From the looks of it, the parkour burglar's luck ran out since they were in some type of office space, small and the door was shut. Kana figured if this guy was smart, which up to now, he has, he would try the door. Which Kana can only guess is locked. She took this opportunity to slam her skateboard into the man making him crumple to the ground weezing, she probably hit him in the solar plex. With that done, Kana was at a loss of what to do. As said before, catching parkouring criminals wasn't high on her to do list, or even on her to do list for that matter. She knocked politely on the office door, hoping someone would be curious as to why someone was in there. A studious looking man opened the door with the look of surprise and confusion on his face.

"Thanks Mister. Can you get the authorities to bring that guy in? Also his friend seemed to also be kinda hurt on the roof of that building over there. But don't feel sympathy for them, they stole things and made it very difficult for me to catch them." With that said, Kana walked past the man, taking a drink of her slushie, only to be disappointed that there was none left. "Darn... Hey, where's the nearest trashcan? oh, wait, never mind, I found one."She tossed her trash away and walked out of the building with her skateboard as more senior ninja come rushing in to apprehend the parkour burlars.

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