Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy setting storyline set in the World of Ninjas where feudal daimyo, clans and ninja villages all wage war on each other for money, glory or for a common goal.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

You’ll Get It Eventually [Runic Terran]


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Jun 14, 2021
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The library and its inhabitants smelled one of the same—ancient and dusty. If it hadn’t risked insult, Goki might’ve checked underneath their robes to confirm whether old people, did in fact, collect dust like tomes.
Readers quietly recited, fingers carefully following text, seeking to inscribe them in memory. Zealously they studied, as if their very survival depended upon it; like plants in jeopardy of decay without water. The empath could detect the stress attributed from such burden. Yet, most surprisingly, but a small percentage appeared to harbor any brainworms of severe degree. Perhaps, knowledge truly did improve emotional stability. Or, maybe, they’d been so invested in their studies, scholars simply didn’t have time to hold emotions.
Nonetheless, the Hybrid hadn’t been here to judge—yet to learn. Though, to claim she’d held a concrete understanding of what exactly she’d been seeking wouldn’t have been accurate. A kind of leaf guided by winds; with a vague understanding of its desire, yet lacking clear direction.
Golden irises roved about; most noses proved too deeply buried in their books to give attention. Hands behind, one holding a wrist, the young Genin instinctively treaded with quiet footsteps. Perfect.
Touring past countless bookshelves, the History row in particular would draw her eye.

‘Ancient Gastronomy,’ ‘A Boy and His Dog (Was this even in the correct section?),’ ‘The Rise of Primus,’

A hand reached for the latter. Upon opening its contents, however, the disappointing realization would dawn upon her. Blinking a few times, her lips would twist into a pout. She’d attempt hard to decipher, but the reality was—hardly a thing could be made out from this antique script... It outaged even the scholars here.
Eyes glanced near the entrance: Despite her caretakers’ caution, it’d appear she’d have to initiate interaction with people...

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Jun 14, 2021
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Making way towards the wide desk, she’d notice the librarian rushing to and about; organizing, rearranging. Albeit impatiently after a length, Goki awaited attention. When eyes finally met, the woman held up a finger, indicating to give her a moment. A stack of unreturned books was relinquished atop the book cart. The woman released an exhale, then wiped her forehead. Turning, the smile—not the one of genuinity, but of professional formality—would greet.

“Yes, may I help you?”
“Good afternoon,” The Hybrid performed a polite bow. “A very serious problem in your History section.”
“A problem?”
“Yes, Goki discovers your books to be too old.”
“Who’s Goki?”
“Goki is Goki.”
The woman’s eyes narrowed behind her spectacles, brows arching some moments after; the left higher than her right.
“Are you ... referring to yourself in third person?”
“There is no third person, only two here.”
A most awkward silence followed.
The lady would eventually take notice of the large tome wrapped under the young girl’s arm... Probably for the best. As if following an unspoken cue, Goki presented it for the older woman to examine herself.
“It’s history—it’s supposed to be old. What’s the problem?”
“But Goki cannot understand.”
The woman’s eyes reglanced over the text; afore a delayed, “Ah,” expressed, fingers snapping.
“You a student?” She’d inquire, looking the kid up and down.
“A Genin.”
The Hybrid’s hand dug into her back pocket, eventually producing the metal and cloth. With brief inspection, the woman nodded, then disappeared to the shelves behind. She’d return with a particularly large tome, its weight thudding against the desk; older and more worn than even the previous title.
“A copy, but it should do.”
The girl stood on her toes, reading over its title.
“Annals ... of the Conqueror.” A hand rubbed her chin, the other opening to browse its contents.
The pout returned. “Goki cannot read this either.”
“Yea, just, take it. Keep looking through; you’ll get it eventually.”
“But how?”
Two hands shooed the girl away.

So the girl took the item; not the lightest. Two arms wrapped around it like a package as she departed. Eyes casted round, eventually locating a free table. With another heavy thud, the tome lay there. The Genin reached for a single sheet and pen, opening the contents afore her...Ah, this felt a bit like returning to Academy.
The term, “Older than my grandma,” may have been applicable here. Goki would have imagined so—if only she had one. Fingers glazed over the worn, stained page. The text still hadn’t provided much—but, at least, this book contained depictions: The only thing managing to maintain motivation and interest.
Attention settled upon one page in particular; a depiction of an exceedingly tall, muscular male. Goki wondered whether humans really appeared so back then, or whether this depiction had simply been exaggerated. Surely, they must have really eaten their meat and vegetables. Meat was nice—if you could afford it.
Now her mind drifted towards how delicious barbecue must have been. The sauce always looked appealing when observing others taste it; their emotions caught in a moment of bliss as it touched their tongue. Did ancient people have barbecue? Might have been better off reading ‘Ancient Gastronomy’.... Opportunity lost in hindsight.
Another pageturn would lead her to a further depiction of the man swinging a gigantic greatsword against an army. Fire, arrows, and blood decorated the page—now it was getting interesting. Tiny, expository text below would intuitively draw her golden eyes.

“They would be called the First Men.”

سوف يطلق عليهم الرجال الأوائل

Goki blinked a blink of blinks... Wait—what?

She’d lift her head, then look around; as if her surroundings would actually be of any assistance towards providing an answer. A glance returned to the librarian’s desk—its employee proving just as exceedingly occupied. Focus went back to the tome—bewilderment unanswered.

“The blood of both Ancient and Man spilled,”

سفك دماء كل من القديم والإنسان

The girl blinked a few times more... Ah, this might’ve proved just as odd an occurrence as when she’d awoken from the hospital after her incident. She’d return to previous unintelligible pages.

“Holding one's tongue demands greater strength than swinging the blade,”

يتطلب إمساك المرء لسانه قوة أكبر من تأرجح النصل

Skimming through various texts, in no particular order, it’d require some time; yet, the more she’d examine, the more she’d gradually comprehend. The youth had no idea what in the world was happening—but, she definitely liked it. Very much so, without complaint. With a smile, the pen went to work across paper. The teen nearly resembled one of the scholars now... Oh the possibilities.
Sunagakure might’ve been a great move after all—she’d have to remember to thank the librarian... If the woman ever proved to have another second of time. Goki was under the impression the lady would remain busy until the final breath of her years...

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