Ninpocho Chronicles

Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy-ish setting storyline, set in an alternate universe World of Ninjas, where the Naruto and Boruto series take place. This means that none of the canon characters exists, or existed here.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

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Private The Power of a Sage Part III

Tamashi Seto

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Oct 31, 2022
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The Power of a Sage
Part III
Tori Gate.png

Winter, Year 13

Sitting under the ancient gateway that led into his second home, he felt a overwhelming power at his finger tips. It was a feeling he had never felt before. Were there even words to describe the overwhelming power that contained within his body? In a way, perhaps the term "thrill" was the correct term. While he was never the power hungry type, or those who seeked the forbidden, he could certainly understand now why people desired that power at their fingertips. With the power of nature itself coursing through his veins, as If It was a extension of his body, he felt he could do anything, and yet at the same time, he found it difficult to contain said power, to lose control and bring forth consequences he hadn't expected or want. His father and especially, his eldest sister, always warned that with great power, came great responsible that one abide by. As a child, he didn't understand the concept, well, at least compared to now, since his body was positively radiating with power. Nonetheless, getting past the point of being a responsible adult like his family and role models, the amount of applications he could apply in junction with sage mode was unreal, even If only for a limited.......and he have work in conjunction with the Loli for it to work. Such conditions, especially about the part about gathering the necessary energy beforehand, meant he only be to use sage mode during the outbreak of a engagement, or at the end, during the climax, but that was fine all things considered. As he thought away however, meditating in silence under the tori gate he had been using as his personal training area, he suddenly found his concentration interrupted when he suddenly felt....his behind wiggle? His eyes immediately snapped open at the sensation, revealing his newly found vertical pupils, unknowingly to him. Reaching back behind him, he felt six fluffy tails, all of which were wiggling or twirling through the air due to his touch. "What....the hell" Dropping Muttering to himself beyond belief, his hands than withdrew to the top of his head, revealing a pair of fox ears. Overwhelmed by this realization, that he had just undertaken a partial transformation into a Kitsune, he sat there momentarily, frozen in shock and surprise. " gotta be shitting me....." Remove his hands from his now, sensitive, vulpine like ears, his mind suddenly exploded into chaos. What the hell was this? he did NOT sign up to be a furry dammit! What kind of bullshit was this? The last thing he needed was to be transformed into a furry of all things. Flashing his vertical slits in Izumai's direction, he was about to voice his concern, or rather, protest about his new transformation, when he found himself at the receiving end of her high pitched laughter.


"Oh relax! Fufufufufu! It go away once your new form runs out of nature energy! Since your still new at using Senjutsu, you be under it's side effects for awhile. Such is the cost of learning from a beautiful kitsune like myself now! Fufufufufu!"

Getting amusement from seeing him taking on a form similar to a Kitsune, Izumai couldn't help herself but laugh some more, much to his disdain. These were one of those moments where he really wanted to murder her, and with senjutsu now under his belt, It make it all the more tempting, but atlas, his mind reminded he still needed the Loli, not to mention the fact that....she quite literally owned him in ways he didn't want to think about. He sighed just as she calmed down. "Don't worry, with more training, you be able to prevent your body from taking on Kitsune like traits." Just for a moment there, Izumai was serious, a rarity for her indeed, but as soon as it came, It ended just as quickly when she stared at him with sultry eyes, her body giving off....suggestive themes, telling him exactly what he was in for next. "Though I wouldn't mind my husband being a Kitsune himself! Fufufufufufu!" For a moment, he stared at her with the intent to kill. There was no kami dam way he was going to be dam furry, even If It meant saving his life. The rage within him urged him to do something, to say something at least, but again, he took a deep breath and attempted to calm himself. Now was not the time to lose himself. He had to refine his sage mode and get better acquainted with it, especially If he wanted to use it in combat. Of course, that meant.....sparring with the loli kitsune.......great.....that was gonna be fun.....​

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