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Ninpocho Chronicles is a fantasy-ish setting storyline, set in an alternate universe World of Ninjas, where the Naruto and Boruto series take place. This means that none of the canon characters exists, or existed here.

Each ninja starts from the bottom and start their training as an Academy Student. From there they develop abilities akin to that of demigods as they grow in age and experience.

Along the way they gain new friends (or enemies), take on jobs and complete contracts and missions for their respective villages where their training and skill will be tested to their limits.

The sky is the limit as the blank page you see before you can be filled with countless of adventures with your character in the game.

This is Ninpocho Chronicles.

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To return to the old ways (Solo thread)


Oct 28, 2012
Training while under the intense effects of the improved Wrath Seal were beginning to take a toll on the body of the Nanjirou. Like many others who had tapped into this power before him and died on the battlefield. He could see why, as the power activated would literally break your limbs, and could even rupture your heart with the wrong move. It was obvious that Sunuke was a fool for even trying this move out. But it was unlocked now, and unless he found a way to reduce the power again then he was going to end up dying just like his ancestors did.

The Wrath Seal would refuse to budge from its altered state, no matter how calm the Nanjirou would try to be. In times of battle, or in times of rage it would spark with power, forcing the body to slowly break apart. At the age of 31 Sunuke couldn’t just happily allow this to happen, or else before he knew it he would be in a body bag and sent back to Leaf to claim whatever bounty they had on him… If he didn’t just break into thousands of pieces of dust. That wasn’t quite the pleasant thought he wanted to think, but he knew that it was possible. Between a sword that could attack both body and spirit, and a seal that could attack his body and spirit? No thank you.

” Okay body…” Sunuke would plead, looking down and pressing his hand onto the wrath seal. ” I know I pushed us to the point where the seal was fully unlocked, but we need to go find somewhere away from people so that this doesn’t go too far."

At least that was the plan. He wasn’t too sure what it was going to be like since he had never tried it, but it was the only chance he had to save them as he couldn’t think of anything else he could do to save himself. But hiding in the nearest forest seemed like the best plan due to the quiet and peaceful nature.


Travelling through the nearest forest he came across would lead to all sorts of strange flora and fauna, with some of it looking a little… different to what he was used to? Definitely not like Konoha The forest was home to all sorts of creatures so he paid no attention to extra limbs or weird markings on the creatures that seemed to take home here in the forest. Instead he was more focused on making his way to somewhere safe.

” Right… just a little bit longer and I’ll be ready,” the missing-nin would murmur weakly to himself as he continue towards where he thought the best place to settle would be.

Sunuke would sit down and relax, still feeling the wrath seal pulsating with every breath he would take. It seemed like even moving was beginning to cause factures in the body. If he was going to deal with it would have to be here so that no one got hurt.

” Okay body, we’re gonna have to shut off this gate and seal the effects once more… no Nanjirou was meant to unlock this much strength.”

” First wrath gate… second wrath gate… third…” He would list them off as he began to unseal them, feeling the swell of chakra. The Samurai would then continue unlocking all the gates of his wrath seal one by one. His body would quiver and shake under the tension of the chakra running through his body. It was obvious that this was going to be the issue here in that could he contain the power long enough to seal it without breaking his body down to the point of uselessness?

The Nanjirou would shakily draw his sword as he began to stand. He would just need to basically wreck himself to the point of weakness before sealing the seal back to its original form. He would have to work himself out to the point of overdoing it.

The sword would swing at an incredible place, mowing down trees and anything in his path before it was all turned into toothpick sized chunks. Kill Driver techniques and Higuma taijutsu was brandished around the forest to create a clearing. The chakra poured out into these attacks both broke the trees, and the body and spirit of the man wielding the sword. Despite that, the sword remained fine as it cut through wood as if it was made of butter.

As he began to weaken and the body peeled and cracked in over use he would then turn the chakra on himself, placing his free hand onto where the wrath seal was. Sunuke would begin to try and seal himself back up. The power he unlocked previously would need to be kept under lock and key, for any Nanjirou using it would suffer a similar fate of his ancestors. Now he knew that the cost of losing your body for the power was not worth it.

The surge of power would expel from the body, with the typical traits that this power contained. His eyes would begin to go blurry from the pressure, and his skin would darken and burn from all that was happening. The chakra would wreck through his body as it slowly began to seal back into his wrath seal. No longer free to surge in him, but limited to his original seal.

Eventually the pain would subside, but his eyes would dimmer in the darkness. He would try calling on his headset, but his burned up body would begin to falter into a darkness he couldn’t wake up from.


Sunuke would wake up weeks later in the hospital in a lonesome and silent room. Hooked up to machines and kept restrained as ivs and all sorts pumped into him. Seemed he was was in a serious condition when he arrived.

His eyes would dart around the room to find he was definitely alone in this room. It was small, about the size of a small bedroom in a hotel, made even smaller by all the machinery in him room. It looked like there was a guard outside the door, judging by some shadows reflecting from the gap between the two sides of the door.

Though something was off, as if he could only see half as much as he could see before. He felt his eyes weren’t matching. It was like he couldn’t see from his left eye.

The Nanjirou went to check and… Yup! Sure enough he couldn’t see from his left eye anymore. It seemed that all the pressure restoring the Wrath Seal from its empowered state back to the way it was caused so much pressure that it damaged his left eye to the point

The Missing-nin would attempt to get attention by calling out, but was immediately met with coughs and hacks. But these seemed to work as the guard peeked in before going to alert someone, most likely a doctor or nurse to which Sunuke would return to resting. He still felt incredibly odd inside, as if something was definitely not right with him.

A group of doctors would return, promptly checking the vitals of the subject in front of them. They seemed to be really interested with the chakra and bloodwork of him, taking a look at some comparisons from a week ago to now. He was puzzled, but not too concerned as he was still alive after all this.

” So we have… news.” Finally he was addressed by one person who would be looking at their clipboard. ” Your chakra levels have reduced since we picked you up in what was once a forest… since you did a number on it from what we could see it’s more of a clearing now...” The Nanjirou would feel a little embarrassed by the fact he caused such a mess.

” But I’m afraid your situationis a little more complex.” The man looked up, puzzled. ” Well you see the eye socket where you should have a pupil? It’s missing as if you were activating the chakra gates.” Of course medical ninja knew about the gates and their effects. ”Well also the fact you over used them put too much pressure on your eyes, and cause you to be blinded in one eye.”

Still shaky at the thought that he had lost his eye for good, he would look away. It felt like he had lost part of his existence. To be able to see was to know, and to know was how to react better.

”While eye implants are something that villages can provide, it’s not something we can offer you at this time. I’d suggest rest, recovery, and to think about your options about your life now that you’re blinded in one eye.”

The Samurai would look down and sigh. How was Yuii going to look him in the eye (the one good eye) now that he had gone off alone and caused so much damage to himself in the pursuit of power? At least the power he was storing inside of him was seal the gates unlocking mechanism back inside the wrath seal. His ancestors were right to lock up such a power... It was not meant for Nanjirou to fight until they lost all their strength... to fight until their legs broke seemed really bad.

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